Is Sustanon 250 and anavar 10 mg a good stack?


Sustanon steroid is an anabolic-androgenic or AAS steroid which is an injectable steroid. It consists of four testosterone esters namely testosterone propionate, testosterone isocaproate, and testosterone phenylpropionate and testosterone decanoate. This steroid results in continuous release of testosterone into the blood and stabilizes the level of testosterone in the body for prolonged periods. Alternatively, Sustanon is a type of testosterone injection which results in masculinization. This steroid is also used to increase muscle strength and mass. Sustanon 250 is a type of combination medicine which increases the level of testosterone in men. Also Sustanon 250 helps in the development of bones and in building muscles. It is a type of anabolic steroid which activates the flow of oxygen into cells and synthesizes energy which results in longer workouts. This steroid has anti-catabolic properties which helps in maintaining lean muscle mass. 


This steroid is given by deep intramuscular injection thrice a week into the muscle. This injection is given into the front outer thigh. And to minimize the pain caused due to injecting it in the thigh it is recommended to put the needle fast through the skin but slowly inject through the tissue. Single dose of Sustanon 250 can result in a hike in plasma testosterone which can be reached within 24 to 48 hours of administration. But testosterone levels come back to a lower limit in approximately 21 days. 

Medical Benefits of Sustanon:

Most steroids which are prescribed by your doctor do contain certain benefits which outweights its overall side effects. That is the reason that sustanon is still there in the market and being used by various hospitals in treating different diseases. It act as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduce pain and swelling. There are a number of other benefits attached with the use of Sustanon. These include deepening men’s voices which have shrill voice tones. It is also used by men for testosterone replacement. It is used to treat different medical conditions like male hypogonadism. 

Other benefits of Sustanon:

Apart from medical significance of this drug, sustanon is also used in various sports especially bodybuilding and weightlifting where a professional bodybuilder put its body on to sustanon cycle right before a championship title or any event of significance importance in his or her professional career. Besides bodybuilders, it is also used in other sports as a tool to enhance performance.

Side effects of Sustanon 250:

There are a number of side effects associated with steroids for sale signs. These include:

  1. Muscle pain.
  2. Mood alteration.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Painful acne.
  5. Changes in liver function tests.
  6. Depression.
  7. Nervousness.
  8. Pain at the site of injection.
  9. Itching.
  10. Water retention.
  11. Virilization in women.
  12. Decreased libido.
  13. Migraine issues.
  14. Enlarged breasts in men.
  15. Kidney issues.

Safe alternative of Sustanon:

The best and legal alternative to Sustanon is Testo-Max. It has a wide spectrum of action and comes with fewer side effects. This steroid is characterized by reduction in recovery times, enhanced performance and is very effective for providing extreme strength. 

Sustanon in UK:

Sustanon is based on chemical components and is considered to be harmful for health which makes it a prescription drug. Therefore it is not possible to acquire it legally. There are many steroids in the UK which are only available on prescription and Sustanon 250 is one of them. It is one of the many options in the UK where the use of injectable steroids is legal still many NHS doctors in the UK avoid it. But this steroid is available for sale through online pharmacies. 


Anavar is the brand name for Oxandrolone which is an androgen-anabolic steroid which promotes weight gain and can suppress production of testosterone in the body. It comes in the form of tablets, capsules and in liquid form. This drug is also used by people who suffer from different bone conditions like osteoporosis. Most common users of this drug are bodybuilders who want strong muscles. 

Benefits of Anavar:

Anavar has a number of benefits for those who use it. Its benefits include:

  1. Muscle gain.
  2. Fat loss.
  3. Strength increase.
  4. Improves protein synthesis.
  5. Increases dietary energy.
  6. Best substitute for loss of estrogen and androgen hormones.

Side effects of Anavar:

This drug is used for treating specifically medical problems and is primarily banned in the field of bodybuilding. However bodybuilders who use this drug in large amounts who buy sustanon UK through illegal means. Overuse of this drug can lead to adverse outcomes. These include:

  1. Headaches.
  2. Acne.
  3. Hair loss.
  4. Nausea.
  5. Vomiting.
  6. Irregular menstrual cycle.
  7. Insomnia.
  8. Breasts swelling.
  9. Hoarsening of voice.

Stacking Sustanon 250 with anavar:

People whobuy sustanon UK sometimes get involved in abuse and misuse of drugs. They also stack them, meaning they take more than two anabolic steroids either oral or a mix of oral and injectable. It is also known as cycling. Sustanon 250 buy steroid UK offer is used for bulking purposes with the primary aim to gain maximum muscle mass. Amazing results can be seen by using Sustanon on its own yet it can be stacked with other steroids that are also effective in adding mass. Also Sustanon can be effective on its own when it comes to cutting. But a moderate dose of Sustanon 250 when stacked with anavar will help in preserving lean tissue during cutting and also helps in hardening of muscles and fat loss. Stacking anavar will only increase blood pressure and cholesterol level mildly as it is a mild steroid. 


Some people believe that a decent stack is a combination of injectable UK steroids and oral ones. In their opinion two orals can have adverse outcomes on the liver as it can clog arteries. So it is always advisable not to stack an injectable with another injectable or an oral with another oral. And if you’re doing so then it is equally important to have an expert opinion from a medical doctor or a health care practitioner.