Is Sitecore worth learning? Which companies use Sitecore?

Yes, Sitecore is worth learning due to its massive benefits, flexible, and friendly features. Sitecore is unceasingly evolving, with each upgraded offering new ingenious tools for its users. Built on a .Net based platform with an unfussy and simple integration feature together with other APIs(application programming interface), it has transformed the Digital Marketing.

 Sitecore is assisting the businesses for a long time and has remained a rock-solid buddy for the businesses with their affluent features. Sitecore is in demand for its web content management system and expanded level of customization. Its strong security style and ability to be used by a layman, which have made it highly favored. The licensing cost of Sitecore is also lower than other comparable options Vendor lock-in is important. With these all outstanding unique features Sitecore will never become obsolete. So looking at its demand and usage, learning Sitecore will increase your employability, your worth, and add feathers to you cap you already a developer or belongs to technical background.

The prospects in Sitecore CMS

Sitecore is a .Net based enterprise content management system enabling content manager and developer to have control over the publishing, distribution, and marketing. It provides all of these features in a very personalized form. Sitecore training claims to be a customer experience platform with social media integration, AI-powered feature, and e-commerce readiness. It is a future-ready platform catering to the need of the customers. The industry is minutely observing the features Sitecore offers and the direction towards which the Sitecore is going into. Some of the features are:

Content Hub: It is an outstanding feature that truly completes the Sitecore platform. It provides a 360-degree view of the content landscape and streamlines it into a single integrated Sitecore solution. It’s a bunch with product content management, marketing resource management and content marketing platform.

Sitecore as a Service (SAAS):SAAS has marked Sitecore transition into a new platform, which is a more agile, intelligent, and connected Sitecore Experience. It will have focused abilities of core content management with further adding abilities to the Sitecore Experience Manager and Sitecore experience platform.

Sitecore AI: It is a much-anticipated feature, which is Sitecore own machine learning services. It promises to bring auto-personalization to the platform. Once plugged, it tags the entire site, and it will track customer behavior on-site and do the segmentation. It will then deliver personalized content according to the segment with the option of feeding existing marketing segments in the system.

Horizon: It is the next iteration of the page/experience editor. It would have features such as creating and managing webpages, as well as previewing webpages to stimulate the visitor experience. It will extend UI and business logic by supporting experience management with contextual content insights.

Sitecore certification is the future of the content management system based on web development. More and more brands are adopting Sitecore for the customized experience to the customer. Already more than 5000 global brands have opted for the Sitecore, and the number will increase every year. Hence the demand for the developer will also increase manifolds. So, the future of the Sitecore is very bright, and it is also an opportunity worth grabbing for the developer too.

Which companies use Sitecore

Sitecore is a seamless customer experience platform that provides a personalized experience with the next generational feature. It is a platform for future-ready businesses. There are thousands of companies which is using Sitecore to optimize their business, and tons of developers are providing customized solutions. Sitecore development is in high demand as the world’s leading companies and brands have turned towards Sitecore for their content management requirement. Not only in the developed world, but giants in every country are using this platform to boost their customer’s experience. In India, both the development and support of Sitecore is provided by the leading brands of the countries. A few Of the Indian giants which use Sitecore are TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Mindtree, HCL, etc.

Sitecore usage is not restricted to any national or geographic boundaries. Foremmost MNCs like P&G, Cognizant, Capgemini, Microsoft, Sapient, Toshiba, etcall are using the Sitecore. It has gained such a transaction because of its seamless, centralized, and customized content management system. It identifies the pattern of site navigation by the visitor. For example, P&G has transformed its massive marketing presence worldwide.

Many small to a mid-sized organization are also providing Sitecore Solutions. There are certified developers in those organizations which are providing customized solutions to the clients. This shows that the penetration level of the Sitecore is quite deep. Due to there out of the box thinking and easy to use technology, most of the organizations have embraced Sitecore, and acceptability of the Sitecore is increasing day by day.


Sitecore is a global leader in digital experience platform providing mid to large size organizations a comprehensive tool with the ability to build, deploy & manage business solution. They are at the forefront in providing support to the next generation of websites It is based on a .NET framework & organizations use it for a spectrum of range serving different purposes.