Is Self Testing The Way How You Can Spread COVID 19?

Coronavirus Disease popularly known as COVID 19 has brought our lives to a standstill. The danger still looms as the vaccine for the virus has still not been found. In this disease, the best that you can do is prevent its spread. One of the ways how we can restrict the spread of COVID 19 is by use of Corona selftest kits.

Importance of Corona selftest kits

Selftest kits as the name suggests are easy to use. You can easily test whether you have the virus in your body or not. They are simple to use and detect the corona infection with more than 99% accuracy. In case a person is tested positive and is not suffering from severe sitcoms he can easily self quarantine at home. This will save the resources of the hospital for a person who is struggling with more serious symptoms.

Prohibit Spread of Disease – Another benefit is Corona self test kits is that it limits further spread of disease. In many cases, the person is not even aware that he/ she is the carrier of the virus. This is usually seen in countries where the disease has reached the stage of community transmission. When a person is able to test himself, he can avoid the unknowing spread of disease. COVID-19 virus spreads via contact with body fluids, like cough drops. It can even happen by touching an infected person and then touching your hand to your nose, mouth, or eyes.

Therefore, without any second thought self-testing is one of the ways in which you can limit the spread of COVID -19. It is important to come out with means to tackle this deadly disease as it has already done a lot of harm to society. Only when we collectively join hands and take steps to stop it, then can we come out of it.

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