Is Risk Management Worth the Time and Effort?

As a business owner, you are generally very busy with the day to day tasks and activities involved in running your business and so too are your employees. Often, there is not a lot of spare time and you’re probably not looking for extra tasks to add to your “to do” list. However, certain aspects of business cannot be ignored.

Risk management is likely something many business owners are aware of but may not put much time and effort into. Is risk management even worth the time and effort?

This article is going to be taking a closer look at risk management and explaining why it’s something you and everyone involved in your business should be focusing on regularly.

The Definition Of Risk Management In Business

Risk management in business is the process of first identifying risks that could affect your business financially or in other ways. It’s also about assessing those risks and implementing measures to control them. Ultimately, the goal of risk management is to avoid risks and stop problems from eventuating, as this is always preferable to having to try and fix an issue once it has occurred.

There are numerous risks a business can face and no business is risk-free. Therefore, every business owner should practice risk management.

Risk Management Can Save You Time and Money

While risk management will take up some of your time, ultimately it can save you a lot of lost time if you can effectively block and avoid problems that could bring your operation to a grinding halt. An example would be if your business relies heavily on an IT department. If risk management isn’t deployed and measures put in place to protect your IT system, if it gets hacked or goes down as a result of not practising due diligence, that’s going to result in lost time for your business.

Whether your business loses time or some problem occurs, ultimately it’s going to cost money to fix it. Without risk management planning, your business could regularly be faced with issues that end up draining the bank account.

Avoid Workplace Accidents

Of course, business risks don’t only have a monetary value attached to them. There are other incidents that can occur (that could be avoided with risk management) that can cause problems. Every work environment can present hazards and if your business is in the production or manufacturing industries, the possibility for workplace accidents occurring increases quite a lot.

If you employ effective risk management, by taking the time to recognise potential risks and also seeking feedback from your workers about problems they’ve noticed, you can largely avoid accidents and incidents in the workplace that could lead to injury to a staff member, customer or member of the public.

Everyone wants to feel like they’re in a safe work environment where the risk of injury is minimal and risk management processes can help to achieve that ideal. It’s something that everyone should play a role in.

Put Someone In Charge Of Risk Management

You could hire an experienced risk manager or charge the task to one of your existing employees. Whoever you place in charge of risk management can oversee the entire process on an ongoing basis and that person can be the individual that everyone comes to if they have feedback or notice a potential problem that needs to be addressed.

To help your risk manager, you’ll want to provide them with some handy tools for the task. One such tool you’ll seriously want to consider investing in is quality and dedicated enterprise risk management software. The software can be tailored to your specific business and will help monitor your business and its processes. Data and reports can be compiled at will and the software will even alert the risk manager if it detects an issue in the operation.

Risk management tends to increase with the size of your business, so if your operation is medium to large-sized, it could be worthwhile having someone focused on risk management full time. It will give you peace of mind and ultimately save you time, money and many headaches.

Putting some time and effort into risk management is definitely well worth it.


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