Is PMI PMP Certification Worth Your Time and Effort? Here’s The Answer

First and foremost, there definitely is no doubting the fact that the PMI PMP certification is widely recognized across various industries. All the more so as it certifies applicants as part of the best minds in the field of project management. That’s why this certificate is held by more than a million professionals across the world, thus further emphasizing its credibility, and also signaling the fact that it is a goldmine for anyone who earns it. So, in essence, this article will show you just how precisely this well-known PMI credential is worthwhile for you .

But First, What Is The PMI PMP Accreditation All About?

Basically, this Project Management Professional (PMP) badge, offered by the Professional Management Institute or just PMI. It is designed to validate you as one of the best project managers, especially as regards such areas as people, process, and business environment. As such, you become certified as a professional who can confidently and efficiently lead and manage projects in any organization, and within any industry .

Note, however, that there’s an unavoidable test that you must take in a bid to earn this PMP qualification. This exam is going to cover and evaluate you on various key aspects of project management and will span a total duration of 230 minutes within which you will have to successfully complete 180 varied tasks.

Importantly, understand also that this evaluation will cost you a registration fee of $405 if you’re a member of PMI, or $555 if you’re not. So, be prepared to go through the enrollment procedure and immediately begin preparing. Fortunately, you can find various prep resources, such as training course, study guide, exam outline, and so on, via the official website.

And Now, Is This PMI PMP Certification Worth Your Energy?

The simple answer to this is a resounding yes, and here’s why, below:

  • You Gain Significant Visibility

Remember that the PMI PMP certificate is widely recognized? So, of course, you know that having it under your belt will easily earn you great visibility among recruiters and potential employers. As such, you gladly stand out among the crowd of competitors to the desired position!

  • You Prove Your Spirit of Commitment

No doubt, going through any process of qualification, especially when it comes to such a highly competitive one as the PMP, is no mean feat. Thus, the consequence of gaining this PMP credential certainly will be to prove you as a highly self-motivated and committed individual who will solve any problems in any organization.

  • You Widen Your Career Prospects

Ultimately, your career will take a great leap of fulfillment when you achieve the concerned designation. Specifically, you will be able to work in such reputable positions as Project Manager, Project Executive, Business Analyst, and the like. And if you are interested in the financial side of the issue, you can even get to earn a whopping sum of $108,327 per annum, as reported by


To summarize, it is crystal clear, from everything mentioned above, that you need not doubt how beneficial and worthy the PMI PMP certification can be to you and your career. Thus, all you have to do now is head on to registering for the associated exam while also remembering to train as adequately as needed. Good luck!


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