Is Percussion Massager worth the hype?

As soon as the movement restrictions are lifted, we are once again free & safe to indulge in our social affairs. Among all the other things, hitting the gym and starting the workout sessions is what most of the fitness freaks have missed during the lockdown. If you are a weight watcher, you must be delighted to lift these weights and do your cardio routine. But, are you prepared for the aftermath of a workout, especially after such a long break? Well, a Percussion massager is something that can help!

Sore and inflamed muscles are a common outcome of a workout session, especially when you have been away from your gears for such a long period. You can easily overcome the post-workout complications with a massage but that is expensive. Why not try a massage gun to recover from sore muscles?

What is a percussion massager?

Percussion massager is the latest equipment that is used for reforming the recovery from workouts significantly. The machine is like a drill that focuses on the muscle fibers. The handheld massager releases fast and slow blows over the sore muscles and helps the muscles recover through shock therapy. As the shock flows through the sore muscles, the muscles become loose and more blood flows through them making them heal faster.

Is a percussion massage gun recommended?

The percussion massager uses vibration to heal the soft tissues of the muscles and work on the internal system and helps the overall body to recover. There are several benefits of the handheld massager including but not limited to:

It is a great aid in reducing inflammation.

  • It helps muscles loosen up which makes way for fluids to enter the circulatory system.
  • The muscles relax faster.
  • Powerful against scar tissues and other adhesions.
  • Limits soreness and tension in muscles.
  • Effective against Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Percussion massager for DOMS:

DOMS is one of the common problems that fitness enthusiasts have to deal with. When you make your muscles work beyond their limit, they retaliate. As you push your muscles to work, you get mini scars on different muscles tissues. With these scars healing up, your muscles get new strength. However, it is important for these mini scars to heal faster the process is known as DOMS.

To overcome DOMS, it is important that you work on the inflammation issue and ensure increased blood supply to the muscles. The handheld massager does exactly the same. You can use the percussion massager on your sore muscles and ensure that the sore muscles heal faster to offer you the strength you need for another workout session. If you are consistent with your efforts towards your fitness goals, you must add this massage gun to your regime. It will bring you several notch closures to achieve a fit and strong body. You can buy the best percussion massager at Healthaholico and progress towards your health and fitness goals. We have the best quality of handheld massagers and massage guns that are made to offer long-term benefits.