Is PEMF bad for the heart?

Heart disease is one of the most significant reasons for death in the entire world. The heart is a complex body part and maintaining its health is important. Lots of factors can impact your cardiovascular system, like vascular disorder, electrical effects, muscular damage, infections, mental pressure, and many others. Many secondary problems consist of lung diseases, kidney issues, and some other such conditions. Scientific studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy does a lot more than just simply repairing affected body cells; it can support your body to produce new, healthy cells as well and enhance your blood flow. PEMF can significantly minimize your threat of heart attack and stroke by handling the health of your tissues, neurons, cells, and organs. PEMF is one of the new non-invasive therapies available out there to cure different health problems. You may have heard that it is being used to cure heart problems. It is frequently said that electromagnetic rays are bad for your heart. . Keep reading to know the impacts of PEMF therapy on the heart

Even though PEMF therapy is known to enhance heart health, some research reveals the opposite. PEMF is associated with a few problems that may make heart conditions worse.

Oxidative Stress

• One of the significant effects of this therapy is that it enhances blood flow in your body. This impact is advantageous for people who have irregular blood flow but may worsen the condition in case of regular blood circulation. This may result in raised oxidative stress. Oxidative stress produces a large number of free radicals in the body, which in case do not get detoxified can become dangerous. So, it is recommended to make use of a lot of antioxidants to remain safe from any side negative effects.

Decreases Blood Pressure

PEMF therapy leads to an abrupt blood pressure fall in people. This effect can result in really serious problems in some patients. People who are elderly or have a medical track record of cardiovascular problems are at risk. People may suffer from dizziness, nausea, and fainting. It is recommended to continuously supervise the blood pressure to stay away from any serious problems.

Benefits of PEMF for Heart :

This treatment can help to reduce heart-related issues.

Ø  Stress raises the danger of heart disease. Not only can stress increase your blood pressure level, but intense stress can also result in cardiovascular events. People usually deal with stress in ways that can increase the threat of heart disease: eating too much,  drinking alcohol, and smoking. PEMF is frequently used to lessen stress, and an increasing number of massage therapists make use of pulsed electromagnetic field treatment.

Ø  PEMF therapy can support you remain active. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy promotes mobility and number of motion. PEMF therapy also minimizes pain, swelling, and inflammation which may stop you from being physically energetic. When you’re feeling at your best, you will be more likely to take part in healthy activities.

Ø  Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy oxygenates the body cells and increases oxygen supply through the cardiovascular system. It boosts wellness, and it’s used to prevent, delay, or lessen the symptoms of several physiological problems. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy encourages good cell health and proper cellular function. Multiple studies have identified ways that PEMF therapy can enhance heart health, and PEMF therapy for heart health has the extra advantage of being both drug-free and non-invasive.

Some other important benefits of PEMF therapy are below:

Ø  Enhance capillary density

Ø  Improve blood flow

Ø  Heal tissues around the heart

Ø  Repair muscles of the heart

Ø  Strengthen blood vessels, nerves, and veins


Heart patients must be careful before getting this therapy. In general, PEMF therapy is a good and non-invasive way to cure lots of health issues. However, some negative effects may be observed in a few people. It is recommended to seek advice from a health specialist before acquiring this therapy for the heart. If you have any medical {history|track record} of heart, keep yourself supervised to avoid serious effects


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