Is Norton antivirus safe for the system

Norton Inc. is a globally known company that develops various advanced security software programs. Norton programs are available for Windows, Mac, as well as for phone devices. If you want good security for your device then you can install Norton antivirus on your device without any concern. There are various antivirus programs which can be harmful to your device and data. But Norton antivirus is fully secure. All plans of Norton antivirus are fully secure which means once you install Norton on your device then you don’t have to deal with any kind of issues.

But if you are not sure whether you should purchase Norton for your device or not then you should go for its trial. Norton antivirus provides a 1 month trial on every plan. When you purchase Norton antivirus, you can easily access all its features. Use all features of your Norton antivirus to ensure that your Norton antivirus is taking care of your device. In case you want to try another Norton antivirus then you have to go for a Norton antivirus cancellation refund. If you cancel your Norton subscription within 1 month then you can easily ask for a refund. Cancel the plan and contact the Norton antivirus team for a refund. But you can only get your refund when you cancel the subscription before 30 days. Once you get the refund then you can try another Norton plan easily. You barely find any kind of fault in Norton antivirus. But you may have to deal with a few errors with Norton such as Symantec error 3048 3. This type error message usually appears when your Norton antivirus is dealing with some kind of conflict issues. 

If you are getting the error that is accessing a particular program that means the program is conflicting with Norton. Conflicting errors with Norton usually appear when you have installed a third-party software on your device. Always install the software from the original website. For troubleshooting your error, go to the apps folder and immediately uninstall the conflicting program from your device. Now you can use Norton antivirus on your device.

Sometimes errors can appear when you install a Norton plan which is not compatible with your PC. You can’t use the product key for a Mac device on your Windows. Before purchasing Norton antivirus, you must have all the resource specifications to prevent all kinds of errors. Before installing Norton antivirus, you should remove all the junk files from the PC. Clear out all the cookies and temporary files. You can also use the Windows disk cleaner tool for removing the junk from the PC. Follow the mentioned steps for using the Windows disk cleanup tool:

  1. Close all running programs
  2. Go to the search bar
  3. Type command
  4. Hold the ctrl and shift keys from your keyboard
  5. Press the Enter button
  6. Permission prompt will appear
  7. Click on the Allow button
  8. Windows command screen (black box with blinking cursor) will appear
  9. Type clean mgr on the command screen
  10. Press the Enter button

Windows cleaner tools will immediately start scanning your whole device. Wait until the scanning process completes. You will get a list of items with check boxes. Inspect all the items and then check the boxes you want to delete. Click on the Okay button. Now restart your device and then install Norton antivirus. In case your device is running on low disk space then you should remove large files like games or movies from the disk to increase free space. Once you install Norton antivirus, you can work on your PC without any kind of concerns. Norton’s real-time scan will keep your device protected from all malware threats. The browser protection services and the firewall will help to make your browsing secure where you easily surf and share data securely.