Is North Hollywood Tourist-Safe? Travel Tips for 2022

North Hollywood (NoHo) is one of the top-visited places in Los Angeles, USA. So, if you’re planning to make a trip there soon, finding out about your safety is always a good idea.

There has been quite some skepticism about the safety of North Hollywood, Los Angeles, in general, making tourists wonder if the trip is worth it if their safety will be at stake. But like with any big city, knowing how to navigate the city makes it a little safer for you.

Los Angeles has a pretty high crime rate, but the North Hollywood district has a lower crime rate compared to the rest of the city. This article will look at the many facets of life in North Hollywood and how to safely get around if you wish to take a tour of the city.

Tips for Visiting North Hollywood in 2022

Ready to visit North Hollywood? Here’s what you need to know about the following:

1.      The People

North Hollywood, as of 2020, had a population of about 107,000 people.

Being close to other more violent areas in Hollywood has made North Hollywood open to dangerous types of people perpetrating crimes in the area. As a result, the streets are laden with pickpockets, gangsters, homeless people, prostitutes, drug dealers, etc.

Among the top crimes include murder, rape, gangster shootings, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny/theft, motor vehicle theft, and more. Residents say that going anywhere during the day is quite easy and accessible; however, the area becomes sketchy at night.

North Hollywood is only safe at night, depending on the region or parts where you are. The further south you are, the safer you will be.

2.      The Weather

The weather in North Hollywood typically varies from 46°F to 88°F throughout the year. It has short, hot, and arid summers and long, cool and wet winters. The hot season often lasts between late June to late September, and the temperatures can go as high as 84°F daily. August is the hottest month during this time.

Winters last for almost four months, between November to March, and the coldest month is December. If you’re looking to visit during safe weather conditions, late May to mid-October is prime time.

3.      The Traffic

Traffic is another contributing factor to the danger of residents and tourists in the North Hollywood district. Los Angeles is regarded as the fifth most-impacted city in the USA when it comes to traffic congestion. So naturally, this also includes NoHo.

Like many busy cities, NoHo is more traffic-congested when events are happening in town.

To navigate the city better, many tourists work with Google Maps or North Hollywood’s Traffic Map for accurate traffic data, which helps you avoid blocked zones and find the best routes.

4.      The Landmarks and Historical Sites

For many tourists, visiting landmarks and historical sites is a must-do. But, unfortunately, these popular sites have also become some of the main hangout spots for crime perpetrators.

So, if you’re visiting these areas, you need to be on high alert for troublemakers. It’s also important not to wear flashy or expensive jewelry that makes you easy prey.

To help you enjoy your time better, do proper research about the site you’re visiting to know what to avoid.

Magnolia Park Burbank, H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, Hanna Barbera Building, and the Grave of Paul Walker are some of the highly-rated landmarks to visit in NoHo.

Where to Stay When Visiting North Hollywood

Knowing the right locations to stay when you visit NoHo puts you at a lesser risk of falling victim to crimes. Here are a few safe locations for visitors to NoHo:

1.      Sierra Madre

This is one of the best destinations for families, couples, and tourists. It’s a safe haven for creatives, such as writers, artists, filmmakers, and more. It has parks, restaurants, gallerias, cafes, and more that make the little town enjoyable. It’s also relatively cheap and has plenty of housing resources.

2.      Marina Del Rey

It’s a cool but small town with only a little over 9,000 people. The average age for residents in the area is 39years. The town has fine dining, exciting shopping centers, a thriving community, and nightlife.

3.      La Canada, Flintridge

Crime rates in this area are 46% lower than the rest of California. However, it’s also 69% higher than the California average. It has an 83% livability score, which immediately tells you that this is a nice and safe neighborhood.

The community is safe at night, friendly, and is a walkable distance to top hubs like restaurants, shops, and more.


Although visiting NoHo may be considered dangerous, thousands of tourists flock there every year. Once you understand how to find your way around the city and which parts to avoid, it’s an interesting tourist location you should check out.