Is Nikahnama a Legal Document for a Second Marriage?

Is Nikahnama a Legal Document for a Second Marriage?

 Advocate Jamila the best family, a divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, says that if you ask a question that is nikahnama a legal document for second marriage, let me guide you that yes, nikahnama is a legal document even for the first, second, or more marriages. The arguments that a man goes for second, third, or fourth marriage, because the first, second, or third wife is barren, or that men need more sex, or that sometimes there arises imbalance in the men-women ratio in the population, etc. are justifications worth consideration but are only simple man-made arguments.

Quran or Preached:

No such reason has been given in the Quran or preached or suggested by the Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]. Instead, rigorous and harsh conditions have been imposed upon for making a nikahnama a legal document registering through a family or divorce lawyer in Lahore or for the man having more than one wife that [given regard to natural liking only] he has to keep absolute balance in dealings, treatment, and affairs. Those who are aware of these restrictions can feel that polygamy has been made a complicated matter — though certainly permitted, legally — so that if the necessity arises [to be decided by the marrying person himself, of course], the door be found open to going for second marriage rather than indulging in illicit sex or divorcing the first wife through divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.

Technically Way of Khula:

 If, however, the first wife does not like the idea, she has the right to seek divorce through a divorce lawyer in Lahore or Pakistan [technically called khula ‘, or separation through the court of law]. The last point was that if men are allowed more wives, then in similar circumstances, why not women are also permitted to take more husbands and in such case is nikahnama a legal document, Apparently [though contrary to the generally observed natural phenomenon], this is considered by you a justified demand, yet is poorly conceived for significant reasons.

Divorce Lawyer in Lahore:

The primary purpose of marriage is to build a family and raise children, which is the foundation of any civil society. Is nikahnama a legal document or not has nothing to do with it. For legal information, you can contact a family and divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. Sex and pleasure are only a temporary reward of this service [husband and wife working together to raise a family]. If a woman has two husbands, it is unthinkable that they will make a family, at least a harmonious one. None of the two men will consider it his responsibility to look after the wife and the children. Who will satisfy a husband that the child or children delivered by the shared wife belong to him and not the other husband? This also jeopardizes the ancestral purity and heredity of the child, who will never know who was his/her real father. No such problem arises in case a man has more than one wife.

Different Follow Up:

Thanks for the response. I find the explanation reasonable but not wholly acceptable. Your reasoning is based on certain premises (I would like to see them this way): Man is the breadwinner. Woman takes care of the family; Two women can harmoniously live with one man, but two men can’t live with one woman harmoniously; Children should take man’s name; I respectfully disagree with you because reason 1 is not valid anymore; reason two is based upon conditioning [what you are taught reason 3 is just a norm.  Our Divorce Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is here to solve the all kind of lawsuit.

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