Is My Air Conditioner Malfunctioning?

Many homeowners in America have an air conditioning unit installed and can experience frustration when their units start malfunctioning.  In extreme cases, it can be a health risk.

Consider these six signs that your unit will probably need to undergo some air conditioning repair in Hurst, TX.

Unusually Loud Noises

When an A/C unit is working correctly, it’s loud but not deafening. However, machines often fail when they are older due to the constant strain on their hardware.

If your unit starts making a strange noise when it starts up or while it’s running, there may be something wrong with the motor or compressor assembly inside, and replacing the faulty part might be necessary.

Not Cooling Your Home Well Enough

Your A/C not cooling as well as it should be is usually the most obvious sign that your A/C unit needs to be looked over by a professional in any other situation. However, people often make simple mistakes that can cause their unit to lose efficiency and not circulate air well enough.

Make sure the filter is clean and properly placed in front of the main intake on your machine before calling a specialist for help.

Strange Odors

If there’s ever a time when you notice that your home smells like something is burning or if it even starts smelling like chemicals or something else you can’t place, then immediately shut off your system and call an expert for help.

These types of situations usually mean that there’s something deep inside your unit corroding at an alarming rate because you have a leak somewhere. It is recommended that you get this issue checked out by an expert.

Reducing & Cycling the Fan

If your A/C unit is old, then there’s a chance that it’s starting to wear down and not performing as well as it usually does. The fact that the unit is performing poorly is especially true if the fan component of your system seems to start reducing its speed or constantly cycling from high to low power over and over again.

In this situation, your system might need to go through air conditioning repair in Hurst, TX, so that you can keep your house at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Constant On/Off Cycles

Another thing that people attribute to problems with their A/C but have nothing to do with malfunctioning hardware is when they notice that their machine keeps turning on for no reason.

Most modern air conditioning units have built-in safety measures which will start up your unit when the temperature in your house gets below a certain threshold. When this happens, you don’t notice it because it usually coincides with an increase in temperature throughout your house.

However, suppose the A/C keeps cycling on and off repeatedly without any real temperature change. In that case, there’s something wrong with either the thermostat or the entire internal hardware of your system.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are a widespread problem for any homeowner with an A/C unit because condensation builds up inside units around the coils and fans over time. Although it is normal for the unit to go through condensation, massive amounts could indicate that your A/C needs repairing, especially if it turns out to be a refrigerant leak, which can be very dangerous to handle.

If you ever notice that these types of problems are happening to you, don’t hesitate to contact MillionAire Heating & Air Conditioning LLC at (817) 863-0747 for help. They’ll be more than happy to stop by and diagnose what’s going on with your unit before they can give you the prices for air conditioning repair in Hurst, TX.