Is MBA the right career option for you? Read here

Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree that is awarded to students after two years of study. The globally popular degree can be pursued by anyone irrespective of their background being Science, Commerce or Humanities. Basic eligibility for this course is a graduation degree or an equivalent from a recognised university. Another MBA eligibility criteria includes getting the right minimum score which is 50 per cent on average or 45 per cent in aggregate. The degree is a valuable asset that has many specialised branches and can help you in attaining the necessary skill set needed to acquire managerial roles. 


Below listed are some of the important reasons that make MBA degree a great choice for career progression:


1. Hired by top-notch companies

MBA degree holder is sought after by key players in the corporate sector. Some of the big names that prefer such graduates include Flipkart, TATA, Samsung, Microsoft, Accenture, Philips and more. Such a strong start to a dynamic career is only possible after a business administration programme. 


2. Senior job roles

Climbing the ladder of success becomes easier with an MBA as you are automatically considered suitable for managerial roles. Post the degree, there are many job profiles that you can consider based on your specialisation. Some of the roles that you can look into are Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager, Data Analytics Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and many more. 


3. Better pay package 

This degree also comes with great financial remuneration hence the payoff for all the hard work is worth it. Job roles that will come your way would award you handsomely ensuring that you enjoy all-round stability- career-wise and also monetarily. 


4. Direct your career path 

If you are looking to change directions and switch to a different profile then an MBA can be highly useful. This useful tool can help you jump from one industry to another in a short period. With an MBA specialisation degree, you can begin anew in a different career role equipped with relevant skills. 


5. Gain valuable skills

MBA has maintained a strong position over the years because of a valuable set of knowledge and learnings that it imparts to students. The degree inculcates skills that are essential to understand the inner workings of the business world. Expertise that students gain during coursework is taught through theoretical as well as practical mediums and can be directly applied to real-world scenarios. 


6. Fit international goals

If you are planning to consolidate a career in the international arena then this degree can be of great use. As global business sectors are growing, the demand for specialised experts is also rising and here you can bring your MBA into use. 

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These are some of the main points that define the value of taking up the MBA degree and why it can be the right option for you. Some key benefits cover the common factors that every professional seeks in a job- stability, job security and high salary.