Is Lasik Surgery Safe?

Lasik is the most preferable solution for clear vision without glasses and lenses. If you are fed up using glasses or lenses. Then you can go for Lasik surgery to improve vision without lenses. Lasik surgery is the quick and less painful way to attain the clear vision. The patients have achieved 20/20 or better vision after Lasik surgery. However, the results of surgery vary from person to person. So, you must consult an eye surgeon to know if Lasik is good for you or not. You can visit the Delhi eye specialist for Lasik surgery in Delhi.

Lasik surgery is able to improve the vision if you are suffering from myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. It can improve your quality of life by eliminating the need for glasses and lenses. So, you can go for Lasik eye surgery for a positive and lasting impact. Lasik procedure is preferred the most because it has quick results. Also, it has the least potential risks and is safe for a person over 20 years. The Lasik procedure is performed only if you have a persistent vision for the past years. Because it includes reshaping of the cornea. So, if your vision prescription keeps changing every six months or yearly. Then this procedure is not suitable for you.

Lasik is a procedure that uses a laser to remove the stroma (internal tissue of the cornea). Thus, it reshapes the cornea to focus the light on the retina properly. This makes permanent changes to the shape and size of the cornea. So, it is a permanent and safe solution to improve your vision. The reports and researches show that the Lasik procedure is one of the most successful and safest eye surgery. It has given permanent and better vision to most of the patients. Because Lasik surgery eliminates the refractive errors instead of correcting them.

Aging results in weaker eyesight. As you get older, you experience weak eyesight. So, you need glasses after the age of 35 or 40. But it is natural. Even after Lasik, the weakness of eyesight after a certain age is normal. After the Lasik surgery, and in your 40s, your eye prescription may change. But this does not mean that Lasik has failed. Many people struggle with presbyopia, also known as aging eyes. It is very common and has an impact on a person’s ability to focus on things clearly. Even if you have undergone Lasik surgery, still you can experience presbyopia.

The Lasik surgery is safe. But it has some temporary side effects. So, you must consult an eye doctor to know if you are a good candidate for Lasik or not. The doctor will perform the necessary tests to confirm if it will yield better results or not. You will be checked thoroughly. You should not be having any eye infection. A detailed and proper assessment is done prior to the procedure. It helps to determine how Lasik will impact your future vision.

Lasik has some temporary side effects. The side effects of Lasik surgery include the following:

  • Blurry vision after the procedure.
  • The person can experience difficulty with night vision. Also, the person can have difficulty driving at night.
  • The person experiences dryness and itchiness in the eye.
  • Discomfort and pain remain persistent for a while.
  • The person can experience glares and halos.

Long-term are rare things in Lasik procedure. Generally, the results after the procedure are quick. But if you experience long-term dryness and itchiness. Then it is the result of poor aftercare, wound healing, or infections. Complications can arise if you do not take proper care after the surgery. So, it is highly suggested that you consult an eye doctor to know future results. Temporary dry eyes are very common after Lasik surgery. But if you experience dry eyes for more than two weeks. Then you should consult your surgeon immediately. Though Lasik eye surgery yields better results in less amount of time. But not everyone is eligible for Lasik surgery.

Lasik is quick and safe. It takes merely 20 minutes per eye for the procedure. Lasik can cause dry eyes for up to three or more months. The odd thing is that it becomes a permanent issue that can cause trouble. Another very common side effect is glares and halos at night. During the Lasik procedure, flaps are created in the cornea. These flaps are not secure. So, patients should not rub their eyes while they fully heal. Any trauma to the flap can cause trouble even after years. Lasik patients can regain 20/20 vision. The results may vary as per your situation. But the patients with higher vision prescription can experience a minor decrease in vision quality over time. So, you may require the Lasik procedure to be re-done.   

Thus, before opting for Lasik eye surgery {} consult your doctor. Also, consider Lasik if your vision prescription is persistent and your age is more than 20 years.