Is Kajal better than eyeliner?

To compare the eye cosmetics would mean choosing from the different effects they create for your eyes. With kajal and eyeliner in the makeup kit, your options to decor your eyes each day and look perfectly dramatic inevitably expands. To begin with these two look a bit different, but their purpose is the same-awaken the soul of your eyes, pop up the eye, highlight it and render the face-awakening. The waterproof eyeliners are usually used to line the upper portion and not recommended for the waterline. That lifts up your eyes from a sleepy face to a sharp edged and bold one. Now with kajal, you may apply it on both, the eyelid and the waterline for a fuller eye makeup.

Both are black in colour and their thickness varies from thin to thick lines for beautiful eyes. The waterproof eyeliner on the waterline can irritate your eyes as it takes time to dry up. While the kajal is greasy and does not need time to dry up. Get them perfectly creased on your eye features for instant makeup. There is little chance of messing it, like the liquid eyeliners. Intense black lines are offered by kajal. It even looks wedgy unlike the smooth flow on lines delivered by the eyeliners. Here is a quick check of what these two mean for your eyes. Everyday application is easy and makes you confident on delicate lines set as amplifiers of eyes.

Eyeliner or Kajal for Your Eyes?

Eyeliners are a modern twist to the traditional routine of kajal. Their finish is sleeker than the crease of kajal. But kajal can be modified for the smoky looks yet not as much as kohl, somewhere in between. These all have their own wonder quotient when it comes to eyelining practices.

  • Kajal is made of mostly natural ingredients but the packaged kajals involve the sulfide minerals and oils. This is usually safe to use but there might be some rare sensitive cases, who must avoid it completely. If not, then welcome to the club of dramatic and classy eyes. Kajal has the tendency to spread yet the smudge proof ones can fix that claim.
  • Eyeliners are made of artificial ingredients that enhance its spread, texture and colour for picture perfect eyes. These could be in liquid, solid and gel forms. So pick from these which makes your eyes look fab and clicks with your styling choices. Smudge proof eyeliners are the most sought after features for several hours of display.

The two have been evolving since their invention. Now their hue is not limited to pitch black shades. Now it goes dark brown, white, green, blue and so on. Thanks to the pigments that can blend effectively into their compositions. Essential oils to caress the skin and safer for the eyes have made both of them richer in comfort. Yet, the liquid eyeliner stays limited to the upper eyelids to save you from the watery-eye situations.


Eyeliners and kajals have calming effects on your eyes and this is in ample with the latter one. But perfection is another name for eyeliners. Both balance the eyes from falling in the pits of blankness. Having both of them will never cut short your reach to other poor souls for inspiration and motivation. Speak through your eyes with these effective eye cosmetics and get away from the shady looks of dullness.