Is it troublesome to immigrate from one country to another?

Immigration to annoyer country can be a problem once you don’t know the language of the country to where you have immigrated. However, immigrating to countries such as Australia and Canada is not problematic because English is the language used there. However, there are some other constraints which can someone can face once he immigrates to a country.

Higher residential cost:These constraints are, arranging an accommodation in this country. For example, in Canada, accommodation is more expensive than in India. In fact, its cost is 5 times more than such cost in India. For example, if you have immigrated alone to Canada then the cost of a 1 bedroom apartment is Rs 60,000 per month whereas the same is Rs 11,264 for an Indian apartment. However, the salaries are more in Canada than in India.

The USA needs someone to have a car, to tackle travel issues. Without a car, it’s not possible to go here anywhere. You will need this vehicle to execute your daily errands like getting groceries, taking care of the education of kids. For traveling to work also a car is required. So, housewives who immigrate to the US face the issues of learning how to drive a car.

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Adjustment to the cuisine: Immigrants find it problematic to adjust to the foreign cuisines due to which they experience weight loss. However, it’s not so for Indian immigrants to Australia, because in this country, all kinds of cuisines get served in the city of Melbourne. However, getting Indian cuisine in this country is expensive. The cost of the same meal in Australia is approximately 10  times more in this country than in India. Something as basic as a Samosa costs, Rs 350 in Australia. 

In India, the work hours are long which, is not the case in Canada. In Canada, the working hours are shorter. Everyone needs to be in the office at 8 am and can go home at 4 after 8 hours. There are 12 hours working days in India, which get cumbersome.  Anyone who leaves office at 7 is an exception because unpaid overtime has become a norm. However, Canada is a better option for working professionals where overtime is paid.

Cleaner Canada: People in India have a habit of spitting while walking. This is not the norm in countries of the US and Canada where the norms are strict and no one is allowed to spit on the road. That’s why the roads in the US and Canada are cleaner.

High salaries in Canada: The average salary for an IT engineer in Canada is, 65,000 CAD for every year. The most advantageous part of working in Canada is that you can get access to freelance profiles which aren’t possible in India. A candidate can get, good payment rates while working as an IT freelancer also. They can earn up to 23 CAD per hour. Such jobs are available for javascript and java developers also.  However, to work as a freelancer, a work experience of 4-5 years in a certain programming language is needed.

Health care subsidies available: medical care can be taken at a low cost in Canada than in India. All the hospitals are under the purview of Medicare due to which you get discounts on your health costs in Private hospitals.


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