Is it Time to Replace Your Car Door Panel?

Do you dread the thought of having to replace your car door panel? Car Inner Handle Interior Door Panels are not as durable as they used to be. Newer models use lighter metals and plastics, which means that these parts wear out quicker than before. Car handles may only last one or two years in newer cars before it needs to be replaced.

Remove the door panel screws: Before you start tugging on the door panel, locate all of the screws. Some are visible, but others may have a little trim cover on them. Some can be found behind the grab handle as well as around the door panel’s outside edge.

Separate the door panel from the fasteners/clips: Feel around the outer edge of the door panel with the correct trim panel removal tool. You’ll typically want to check for the front edge, down along the lower edge, and around the rear of the door opening. There may be several clips keeping the panel in position. Gently pry away from the clips on both sides using a trim panel removal tool.

Do not attempt to use a screwdriver or other prying tool as this can damage the door panel and cause it to crack, which will make installing the new part more difficult.

When all of the clips have been released from both sides, pull away on either side of the parting line until you’ve completely separated them from each other.

Remove the door trim panel: Gently push up on the door panel from the bottom while it is still connected to the retaining clips. Reaching around behind the door panel to unplug any electrical connections for power window/door lock/trunk/fuel door release buttons is necessary at this point. To fully remove the door panel, you may need to work around it in a circle until all clips are released.

Now that your old car door handle is removed, go ahead and clean up any dirt or other build-up before installing the new one. Make sure to line everything back up where it was previously so installation of the new part will be easier.

Remove the plastic vapor barrier if needed: Take care to remove the vapor barrier intact, and don’t cut it open. The inner door on some cars must remain sealed correctly since side air bag sensors may rely on pressure changes within the door for side impact airbags to deploy. If it has already been damaged or destroyed during installation, replace the vapor barrier as soon as feasible.

Loosely reinstall the inner door panel: Before anything is permanently installed, double-check the inner and outer door handles. Reconnect any electrical connections you took out and snap the door panel back into the retaining clips after you’ve verified their functionality. Visit your local auto parts store or dealership if any were damaged during disassembly.

Reinstall all screws and trim pieces: After the door panel is secured to the retaining clips, replace all of the screws and trim pieces.

Hand tight is perfectly fine, no need to over-tighten them: The door handle is an important component of your vehicle’s comfort inside and may be a significant annoyance when broken. If you are unsure about how to complete this service and if your vehicle requires an inner door handle replacement, have one of Your Mechanic’s qualified experts come to your house or place of business and do the job for you.

It’s time to replace your car door handle if it is not working properly or looks worn. Car inner handles can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common are plastic and metal. The replacement process varies depending on whether you have an interior door panel with a lock mechanism that has been integrated into the handle, or one without it. You may need to remove parts of the surrounding trimming in order to access the screws holding this part in place before altering them for removal and replacing them with a new one. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions about how to do this correctly so as not to damage anything else when removing old components and installing new ones!