Is it possible to get auto insurance for unlicensed drivers?

Yes, it is possible to get car insurance even if you don’t have your license but the process is quite complicated than usual. Try calling insurance companies for this kind of insurance and you may be brushed off immediately if you fail to ask the right questions.

Furthermore, the consequence of driving without car insurance will make you want to get insurance as soon as possible. Now, you will wonder; what is the point in retaining car insurance if you won’t be able to drive it?

There are many different scenarios in which having car insurance can prove to be a masterstroke and it can end up saving money.

Now, your next question will be; how one can get auto insurance for unlicensed drivers?


How can you obtain driver’s license insurance no car?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to get insurance without a license, the following tips can get you insurance:


Enquire about SR-22 Insurance 

SR-22 is the best option when your license is suspended but you have to check with your insurer if they offer you this type of insurance coverage or not. This can prove to be a savior if you don’t have your license as it will cover you with some basic coverage.


Make someone the primary driver

When you own a vehicle and don’t drive it often then you can add someone else as the primary driver to drive that car and you don’t need a license to complete this process. If you are a teenager and still don’t have a license then making someone a primary driver will get you to license at cheaper rates.


Exclude yourself from the driver’s list

If you don’t have a driver’s license then it can be difficult to get insurance on your name. You will be considered as a high-risk driver by your insurer and it can be difficult to secure auto insurance for your vehicle.  The company will make sure you don’t drive and in this case, excluding yourself from a policy will be the best step.

If you spend enough time to find the right insurer, you should be able to get insurance for an unlicensed individual.


Why should you get car insurance without a driver’s license?

In certain situations, it may be a necessity for you to buy full coverage auto insurance for an unlicensed person. What follows are the reasons that show why you should buy such insurance:


You are still to get a driver’s license

A provisional license is provided by the government who is in the process of getting a valid license. As per the law, you need to get a proper license even if you have a learner driver’s license and in this situation, you may need to buy unlicensed car insurance.


Have suspended driver’s license

You may have to consider getting temporary car insurance if your driver’s license has been suspended due to you being convicted for DUI/DWI or serious traffic violation. It will feel the gap while you file for SR-22.


When you need a personal driver

If you are an elderly person and now, you can’t drive due to your weak reflexes; the need for a driver arises and you need to give protection to your driver from basic accidents. Choose cheap car insurance with no license policy and secure comprehensive financial protection.

You can get car insurance without any license but it will need extensive work. For this, you can choose Alias Insurance as the experts will help you to get the best offer for your car insurance with no license and get secured from damages and accidents.