Is It Completely Safe To Have A Business Instagram Account?

Over 1 billion people use Instagram today, making it one of the most attractive social media marketing tools for businesses. Instagram started business accounts in 2016, and the latest stats indicate more than 25 million business accounts on Instagram! So what happens when you switch to a Business Instagram Account?

  • Your contact details, i.e., Phone number, email, and location, can be added to your account. So your profile page will show contact buttons.
  • You can add promoted posts and advertise your business.
  • You can have access to Instagram analytics and review your performance from time to time. The email clicks, change in followers, etc. all insights are provided by Instagram.
  • You can schedule your posts and publish them later at your convenience.
  • You can make use of Instagram Ad Campaigns.
  • You can add links to your product pages.

But on the flip side, is it completely safe to have a business Instagram account?

  • In research, it was found out that many young people (as young as 13 years old) have turned their personal accounts to business accounts just for getting insights into their likes and followers! So a number of privacy dangers are involved for the youth today since their contact information is accessible to over 1 billion people!
  • Moreover, children who seek validation through likes and followers are affected mentally. They might undertake some wrong practices for getting more likes and followers.

Parents must review their child’s activity on social media platforms and make them aware of the dangers of switching to a business Instagram account.

In case you are not a business, you should always keep a personal and private account. Now that you are planning to deactivate or delete your business account, you can follow this highly detailed guide or continue reading.

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Go to edit profile and choose Temporarily disable my account.
  • Select your reason, re-enter your password, and bingo! Your Instagram accounts get deactivated.
  • In case you wish to permanently delete it, you have to choose the help option and select Delete my account.
  • After selecting your reason and again entering your password, you finally have to select Permanently Delete my Account.

Also, you should adhere to some safe practices on Instagram.

  • First is keeping your account private in case you just want to interact with your circle, and you are not a business.
  • Use features like Two-Factor Authentication in security settings.
  • Block or report accounts that don’t seem genuine and avoid talking to strangers.
  • You can control who comments and checks your stories. Again these options are available in the privacy section.

No wonder the social media world looks appealing, but there is a dark side to this world that we all should be aware about. Your safety and privacy are of utmost importance. So do not create or switch to business accounts unless you are a business organization aiming to promote your brand. Deactivate or delete unnecessary accounts and use safe practices while using Instagram. Safe and Happy scrolling!


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