Is having a PgMP Certification after years of PMP worth it?

What is PgMP?


The managers managing program are highly skilled professionals who take care of the multiple related projects in a proper and well-established manner. The main aim of the program managers is to provide support to the requirements and objectives of the company which they work for. They get a lot of benefits and also gain control over the following objectives, which cannot be achieved by taking care of all the projects individually. The credential of PgMP® or the Program Management Professional shows a signal that a candidate has achieved the proper experience and expertise that are required to take care of the projects individually. The following credential can also give a candidate a major benefit during his job period and promotion.


Who can benefit from this certification?


Any candidate who proves that he bears enough capability to take care of numerous related projects works in a proper and efficient way can get a lot of benefit from the following. This also proves to be beneficial for the candidates who are designated as executive managers or functional managers. The managers are required to show interest in gaining ideas related to the program or project management office. The project management officials who are certified and bear capabilities to demonstrate an extremely high level of skills in both program management and program governance are also benefitted from the following.


PgMP Advantages:


Following are some of the advantages which a candidate can gain by the credential of PgMP:


  1. The candidates wishing to take part in the course get an opportunity to achieve a certification that will be given to them by the Project Management Institute, otherwise known as PMI®. The following certification is provided to the individuals who qualify for the examination of PgMP. The following credential will also let the students achieve certain experiences in the management of programs.
  2. The following course will also let the candidates improvise their understanding to a great level by simply getting ideas about small things. This will also prove to be beneficial to the candidates while demonstrating their competency to take care of numerous projects in order to achieve their target in the company.
  3. The candidates will be designated as project managers after completing the following course. The designation of a project manager plays a very crucial role in the company. A candidate will be able to achieve the target of the company and will also become capable enough to modify the following by achieving the designation of the senior-level practitioner. The course will train all the candidates in a very good way and make them prepared to take care of numerous projects at a time.
  4. The course will make the candidates understand everything properly and make them comfortable enough to fit in the course. Once they understand all the concepts properly, they themselves will become capable enough to improvise the program management maturity, which would fulfill the demands of the company afterward. This will prove to be very beneficial for the company. The following course will thoroughly check the experience as well as the expertise of the candidate, which in turn would help the candidate during promotions.
  5. After completing the course, the candidates get the credential of PgMP at a great level. The managers managing programs gain a lot of experience in project management by getting their expertise endured through the credential. This enhances the work progress of the candidates and allows them to come up with excellent results in business. The knowledge of the candidates regarding project risk management boosts to a great level.


Is having a PgMP certification worth it after years of PMP?


Looking forward to the field of project management, we can say that PMP is the most crucial credential among the following. The following credential boosts the capability of a candidate to look after a project. PgMP is a completely new concept that can be called the improved version of PMP, which was taken into account by management organizations such as Axelos, PMI, and other such companies. The set of expertise requires by PMP and PgMP are quite different from each other. PMP has nothing to do with getting a PgMP certification. It depends on many criteria like the existing job position of the candidate and the career perspective he/she is ahead. The candidates need to decide by themselves whether they need a PgMP certification or not. This is because it makes sense anytime throughout the career of the candidate if they see it as an improvement in their future job positions.


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