Is Google stock as useful as the search engine is?

Awareness around investing has increased in the recent past, which has led people to invest their money in some of the other investment avenues. There are many types of investments one can make, so every type of investor is bound to find an investment avenue that is suitable for their needs and preferences. Investing in the stock market has made many people richer. Stocks have great potential in capital appreciation. People who want capital growth, who are not necessarily looking for steady returns, and are willing to take some risk can put their money in the stock market like GOOG.

Investing in technology companies is very beneficial for someone who is looking for capital appreciation. Digital products and services are in demand now more than ever. The stocks of such companies have seen tremendous growth in the past decade or so. Some companies have reached trillion dollars in market capitalization in the past decade due to the surge in demand for internet products and services. Companies involved in e-commerce or cloud services or anything related to the internet or digitization are doing very well currently, so if you are looking to purchase stocks, look into such companies.

Speaking of internet products, Google is a search engine all of us have used at some point in our life. Started in 1998, Google has now become a dominant player in the internet space. Due to a restructuring in the company in 2015, Alphabet Inc. has now become the parent company of Google and its other products. Alphabet operates through two main segments, providing products and services ranging from cloud services to hardware products. The Google segment offers products like Ads, Android, YouTube, Google Cloud, Google Maps, Google Play, Chrome, and other technical infrastructure. The Other Bets segment provides internet and television services and involves other owned companies like Calico, Waymo, Verily, GV, Capital G, X, and  Access.

Alphabet Inc.’s stocks are listed as ‘NASDAQ:GOOG’ on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The stocks are currently priced at $1,754.40. Before the pandemic struck, the stocks were traded for $1,215.41. Since then the price of the stock has increased by 44.3%. Analysts are suggesting investors buy this stock as this stock has growth potential in the future and could provide great returns to investors. The company reported an EPS of $16.40 and revenue of $46.17 billion in the last quarter, both of which were higher than analysts’ estimates. Analysts have set a price target of $1,836.32, suggesting a possible rise in price by 4.7% in the coming year.    You can check the income statement of GOOG at before investing.