Is Google SEO Still Worthy In 2021?

Even search engine optimization experts who work day and night to rank websites on search engines get confused sometimes by the results. Because of this reason, Google SEO is often believed to be challenging, and its strategies require constant tweaking. BUT, is all of this effort worth the results? Will the time you will spend searching for keywords, placing them in the title tags, meta descriptions, and creating content payback? And, is SEO still relevant in this digital world? In a word, the answer is a big YES. 

How Is Google SEO Still Worthy? 

Search engine optimization matters, and targeting its strategies is more important than ever. Currently, marketing pros around the world consider it an essential component of successful digital marketing strategies. Fair enough, SEO is all about driving high traffic volumes to your website from search engines or getting lost among many on the internet. 

Well, if it is that important, then you must be thinking  – why do businesses question its importance? The search algorithm keeps on changing to rank high-quality content, and savvy marketers have started thinking that as long as they post great content, SEO does not matter. 

However, even though content does build customer trust and attracts the target audience, it cannot be found on search engines on its own. SEO is what helps the audience find content in the first place. So, even if you are putting your best foot forward by posting quality content, there is no chance of you getting found by the audience without SEO. Want some more convincing as to why having SEO on your digital marketing radar is a MUST? Read through the reasons covered below! 

  • Audience Browses Internet Via Search Engines 

Think about the last time you were using the internet. How did you find the information you were looking for? Surely, it was a search engine. Just like you, most people also use search engines like Google to find information, products, and services on the internet. Hence, a business needs to be listed on the search engine result pages. Because you never know, out of all the searches processed every day, one or two can be related to what your business offers. But, the question is – how can you connect with the target audience without any knowledge of optimization? The best way out is to see an SEO Tutorial and get into the game. Even though it will take time and energy, doing it right is worth the results. 

  • Content Visibility Is Dependent On SEO 

As mentioned before, content cannot be successful without Google SEO. Moreover, considering that drafting high-quality content takes hours – if not days, which means, if it is not found on the search engine, your efforts, time, and resources are wasted. However, if you know how to do SEO, your content can get the views it deserves. On top of it all, your target audience will also be able to find your business on the search engine. So, in either case, it is a win-win for both – your content and online presence. 

  • Targeting Keywords Is Still Important 

With all the algorithm changes, search engines like Google now process keywords differently than before. The old practice was to stuff as many keywords as possible in the content – which now faces penalties. However, keywords are still relevant and contribute a lot to the rankings, you only need to know how to use them. 

If you are accustomed to simply stuffing keywords on your website’s content in the hopes of getting better rankings, you are doomed. However, the good news is, you can drive quality traffic to your website by using relevant keywords – but not too many. This way, you might have few visitors, but they will be the ones surely converting into loyal customers. All of this sound frustrating to keep up with? Here are a few tips on how you can use keywords to optimize your website without having to get through a professional SEO Course

  • Find out relevant keywords using SEO Tools such as SEMrush, Keyword Tool, and KeywordsFX as it helps rank on search engines. 
  • Integrate the targeted keyword in the content in a sophisticated way that does not look like stuffing, as it leads to penalties. 
  • Focus more on the long-tail keywords in Google’s Keyword Planner because they are more specific, relevant, and low in competition. 

The Verdict

Without putting continuous efforts into SEO, there is a risk of losing the top-ranking spots on the search engine result pages and competitors outranking. Think of having a seamlessly running website that no one can find on the internet? It will not attract any customers and neither grow your business. Hence, it is important to optimize your website for the search. And if you need some help with it, partner with an SEO Agency to get SEO Services Lahore Pakistan