Is Fritz!box Router Better Than other Router?

The fritzbox is a High-End WLAN AC + N wireless wifi router. It has connectivity technology. This wireless wifi router is a small size and directly plugs into the power supply. Usually, the fritz!box router supports the dual;-band frequency and is compatible with wireless network standard 802.11g, b, and a. It delivers up to 1200 Mbps network speed in the whole home and office. But using this speed, you can easily enjoy online music and web surf with a stable connection. The fritz!box comes with the components like USB or ethernet cable, fitz!box, DSL cable 4.25 m, LAN cable 1.5 m, power supply, etc. In the backside of the router, there is 4 x gigabit Ethernet, you can simply connect the printer, laptop, printer, security camera with the ethernet cable, and this cable plug into the ethernet port.

With the router’s IP address, the setup of the fritzbox is simple. If you want to expand the range of your fritz box then you can easily attach the extender to the fritzbox, with the WPS button. The fritz!box wifi router supports the WPS button.

Some things about the Frit!box router better than other routers

The fritz!box delivers smooth wifi network coverage and better wifi network connectivity. If you ask how the fritz!box routers are better than other routers, so the answer is yes there are many things that show the fritz box wifi router is better.

1.  Dual-band frequency band

The fritz!box router is a dual-band router, In which they support 2 frequencies, one is 2.4 GHz and the other is 5 GHz. So this router is better than other routers because the other router is single-band which supports only a 2.4 GHz band. There is not much speed available in this band, it can get speeds up to 400 Mbps. But the fritzbox router is a dual-band, it allows the speed of 1200 Mbps. The 2.4 GHz band offers a speed of up to 400 Mbit/s gross and the 5 GHz offer up to 866 Mbit/s gross. Now, you can enjoy web surfing by using this network speed, which you prefer.

2.  4 x Gigabit Ethernet Port

The fritz!box router has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports on the backside of the router. This is why this router is better than other routers. Because other Routers have only one port. Because of which we should make a wired connection, in more than 2 networking devices, this is not possible in this router. While utilizing the fritzbox wifi router 4-gigabit ethernet port, easily make the wired connection with the 4 networking devices like wifi range extender, computer, wireless printer, and security camera.

3.  Simply log in of the fritz!box router’

The fritz!box wifi router provides wider and strengthened wifi network coverage on the whole home. If you think about how to log in to the fritzbox router, then you can easily log in through the router IP address. This is why this router is better than other routers. Because this router easily accesses the login page. To access the fritz box  page, launch the preferred web browser, and this browser is update version. Now, input in the search field of the preferred browser. Now, prompt the login page of the fritz!box on your device screen. Then you can use the login default login credentials and input these credentials in the provided fields. Then, click the option “login.

4.  Fritz!box router support WPS

The fritz!box wireless wifi router is extremely better than other routers. Because it supports the WPS button, by using this button you can easily set up the router to the extender. Many routers do not have a WPS button so that they have to expand the range of their router, then it is not connected to the extender wirelessly. If you expand the range of the fritz box routers, then press the WPS button of the fritz box and then press the extender WPS button. Afterward, check the LED status of the extender. If the LED indicates the green signal that means the connection is successful.