Is E-learning better than the regular classroom?

If you still want to be a book worm, sitting in that cozy corner of high school library and spoiling your brilliance on scoring straight A’s, be my guest and stop reading this article. 

But before you do that, let me answer to the above question. 

YES! YES! and YES!

I have got three YESES and 10 reasons to demonstrate that E-learning is way much better than classic classroom education. Before we go on, let’s see what e-learning actually is.

In simple terms, E-learning is studying or education obtained through internet or more typically through the electronic devices, like personal computers, mobile phones, etc. Let’s find out why E-Learning is better than regular classroom.


Would your classroom attendance matter if you are good at scoring an A in mathematics? Of course NOT. E-Learning is flexible giving you freedom of studying at your own preferred timing. I mean, if you are doing enough by studying 3 hours a day, then you don’t need to attend your school for 7-8 hours.

eLearning also helps you to study alone and control learning pace. You don’t have to be embarrassed about lagging than your other classmates. If you are struggling with a topic, lets say quadratic equations or trigonometry, no need to worry. If you have got questions , ask online anytime.


Without enough sleep hours, you will land in a poor scoring zone even if you have attended all your classroom lectures throughout the term. E-Learning allows you to attend to classes when you have time and right energy to grasp and absorb the knowledge required for better scoring.    

If you are a working student and attending school clashes with your job hours, then you can choose to join online classes. If your school doesn’t offer any online classes, then you still have online free study resources all the time that are properly categorized according to individual educational areas. 


Not everyone of us can afford to go the Woodhall School because your pockets are always smaller than your dreams. But learning resources that are available online are more affordable. I am not talking about the books or curriculum; I am taking about the teachers and mentors. 

If you need help in specialized skills like, research, programming, humanities, business; take a pick, you can afford a better trainer online with flexible hours more cheaply than spending thousands of dollars on expensive institutions. A global tells that during pandemic in 2020, a vast majority of experts switched their teaching profession to online platforms.  


Have you ever been discouraged by teacher in front of whole class when you asked a simple question? Probably yes.  Well, online teachers don’t do that.  There are online portals that offer a range of services like asking questions from thousands of unknown subject experts that are waiting to respond promptly. The student teacher interaction is most important as it enhances your intellect, and you can grab concepts much quickly to stay ahead among your classmates.  You can ask any question from an online teacher or look at the questions that are already answered by experts without any harm to your confidence.


Do you still have books in your school bag? With E-learning, you don’t need that.  I recall the Hermione Granger from famous series of Harry Potter, when she used the time turner to get the lectures again and again. Well, recorded lectures is one of the countless innovations that are available to everyone and most of them are free, and few are available at reasonably affordable prices.  You can join live study sessions face to face with a tutor from around the globe using a shared workspace for both student and teachers. You can exchange materials, files and screens with better interaction. And this is just a start. 


E-Learning allows more audience than can possibly fit in a large classroom or lecture halls.  A simple example is an educational Webinar. You can attend it physically and virtually by simply signing up to a website. E-learning captures extensive audience and with the introduction of massive open online courses or MOOCs have opened the door for everyone from everywhere around the world to enter and learn various skills and knowledge for free.


Preferred learning style matters because you can have better results if you have your own customized learning environment.    E-learning provides a more tailored visual and auditory learning styles than traditional classrooms. An explanatory animated video is an example of visual learning style to address a topic that helps in capturing a larger topic into a short graphical presentation. Again, it is more time efficient than a long 4 hourly traditional class.

Some of the online learning platforms allow adaptive learning style. With the options of changing the interface, teacher skill level, and flexibility of time and mode of learning makes adaptive learning more result oriented than traditional class rooms. 


As per a recent estimate, e-learning has reduced the time between 25 and 60% as compared to one-on-one learning or classroom learning. Students that have to travel can take online classes while travel. With the availability of online resources, students have a great chance of focusing only on the areas that they struggle in. This can equally help employees that need to improve their specific areas, for example, an accountant must keep his professional development up to date, so he can learn the recent update instead of taking whole course to save time.


E-Learning allows weaker and dull students to prepare for the mainstream education without being victimized of bullying, racism, and confidence shredding.  There is no one to bully you online instead there are special teachers that counsel you about how to overcome such shortcomings. There are thousands of students and teachers around the globe, that interact daily without the gender or color discrimination, that helps to counter racism. Online education has helped a lot of students achieve so much without harming their personality.


E-learning has helped us building the greatest reservoir of knowledge in shape of e-books, literatures, research journals, libraries, and more. This will be used for hundreds of generations to come.  Digital study materials are readily available for cross referencing than traditional classroom working on research topics. With the help of latest learning techniques, the information available in the past and present can be arranged to be more presentable and relevant for future years to come. 


Considering all the above-mentioned reasons it is obvious that innovative methods of e-learning clearly are better than traditional classroom learning. With the advantage of technology everyone has better access to resources better than traditional paper based resources. 

E-learning is now potentially breaking the geographical learning barriers and financially more affordable to make the quality education available to everyone. It has invited a vast majority of people to test their educational skills at the global educational level. 

Although E-learning was started a couple of decades back but it has also demonstrated its true power during the pandemic in 2020. When traditional education was almost on the verge of disappearing, e-learning has stood at the right time to keep the generation educated.

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