Is Dropshipping Legal? Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress Legal Status 

Is dropshipping legal? This question is frequently echoed in the vast corridors of the eCommerce world, especially among those looking to dip their toes into this business model. In this comprehensive guide, we dissect the legality of dropshipping on a global scale and on various popular platforms, including Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

Dropshipping: An Overview

Before we jump into the legalities, it’s essential to grasp what dropshipping entails. It’s a retail fulfilment model where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a product is sold, the store purchases it from a third party—usually a wholesaler or manufacturer—and has it shipped directly to the customer. Essentially, the merchant acts as a middleman, selling the product and handling customer service without ever physically handling the item.

Yes, dropshipping is indeed legal. It is a globally recognized and utilised order fulfillment method. Many jurisdictions, including the USA, Canada, and many others, permit this business model. However, being legal doesn’t exempt you from the responsibilities inherent to this model. As a seller, you’re required to meet certain obligations, such as registering your business, handling customer service, and adhering to tax laws.

One of the most popular platforms for dropshipping is Amazon. So, is Amazon dropshipping legal? The short answer is yes, provided you adhere to Amazon’s dropshipping policy. Amazon requires that you be the ‘seller of record’ for your products, handle all customer service related to your products, and ensure that your packing slips and other information do not identify a third-party dropshipper. 

eBay, another major player in the eCommerce landscape, also permits dropshipping. However, they prohibit a practice known as ‘retail arbitrage,’ which involves buying an item from another retailer and having them ship directly to your customer. Therefore, while eBay dropshipping is legal, it’s crucial to ensure your business practices align with eBay’s policies.

AliExpress, based in China, is a frequently used source for dropshipping products. But is dropshipping legal? Yes, it is. However, as a dropshipper, you should be mindful of long shipping times and varying product quality. Always carry out due diligence when sourcing products from AliExpress.

While we’ve established that dropshipping is legal, ensuring that your business remains within the legal confines requires careful attention. Compliance with laws and regulations in your respective country, proper business registration, and adherence to tax laws are all crucial facets of maintaining a legal dropshipping business.

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding dropshipping. One of the most common misconceptions is the practice of dropshipping from Amazon to eBay. While it might seem like a lucrative opportunity, this practice, known as arbitrage, is prohibited by both platforms’ policies and can lead to account suspension.


In conclusion, is dropshipping legal? Yes, it absolutely is. However, this doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to ensure your business adheres to all relevant laws and platform policies. With careful navigation of the legal landscape and strict adherence to platform-specific rules, a legal and ethical dropshipping business is entirely achievable.

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Sure, here is the revised table with ten countries:

| Country       | Amazon | eBay  | Walmart | AliExpress |


| USA           | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| Canada        | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| UK            | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| Australia     | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| India         | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| France        | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| Germany       | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| South Africa  | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| Brazil        | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

| Japan         | Legal* | Legal** | Legal*** | Legal**** |

\* Amazon dropshipping is legal, but sellers must abide by specific rules, including being the seller of record and handling all customer service.

** eBay permits dropshipping but prohibits ‘retail arbitrage,’ where an item is purchased from another retailer and shipped directly to the customer.

*** Walmart allows dropshipping, but sellers need to adhere to its terms of service and shipping policies.

**** AliExpress is commonly used for dropshipping, but remember to consider shipping times and product quality. 

Keep in mind that while dropshipping is permitted in these countries, the specific legal requirements may vary. It is crucial to research and understand the legal issues specific to your country and adhere to them strictly.