Is drinking coffee good for our health? Benefits and disadvantages

Most of us are used to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning while slowly planning the upcoming day or while being in a rush trying to be on time to work. But we should pay more attention to how coffee makes us feel and what it does to our health on a daily basis.

It’s time to figure out the most important benefits and disadvantages that this usual beverage brings to us, and what unexpected results it might cause.


1. Good for brain performance

The antioxidants that coffee contains lower the risk of getting brain diseases. It also helps to avoid depression. Some research shows that regular coffee consumption makes your short-term cognitive performance better. That is exactly what happens when you feel much more energetic in the morning right after your fresh cup of coffee. For many of us that’s the only way to keep ourselves productive the whole day long. 

2. Weightloss

Mocha coffee coffee is somewhat a diuretic produced by nature. It plays a certain role in your body’s digestion and boosts metabolism. That way your calories burn faster. It’s not going to be as good as the gym, but it’s an interesting additional factor for those who are struggling with their body weight. 

3. Good for detoxification

Those coffee antioxidants help our bodies to get rid of some harmful toxins. That’s good for the overall health and some body organs, especially the skin. Your acne can be slightly treated by its anti-inflammatory properties to make your skin glow. So you definitely should get some of these benefits at least for the look of your skin.

4. Lowers the chance of Type 2 Diabetes

The coffee’s compounds called chlorogenic acid and quinides are also very strong antioxidants that have been studied by science. They aid the body to leverage the blood sugar, so the glucose is processed better. For this benefit, decaf coffee is a better option as caffeine reduces the benefit. 

5. Makes your workouts more effective

Workout experts recommend drinking some coffee before the long and hard workout at the gym. The caffeine in the coffee makes your body alert, so keeping yourself ready for physical challenges will be easier. Therefore you will feel boosted for a longer period of time. It works better with an empty stomach. So, in case you don’t usually feel like being ready for the workouts, try having a cup of coffee on your way to the gym. To make sure you always have a chance to get your dose of caffeine, buy a coffee maker for home that you like. A cute pink coffee machine will boost your mood and allow you to have a cup of coffee every time before going to the gym or having a workout at home.

6. Has good nutrients in it

Your daily coffee has some essential nutrients in it, and even some vitamins that are good for your health. The most interesting ones are the vitamins B3, B5 and B2. Coffee contains minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, and some others. They are not included in big amounts, but it’s still a good thing for your body and overall health. Some vitamins, minerals and antioxidants just in one drink – doesn’t it sound great? 

7. Reduces your changes to develop Parkinson’s disease and dementia

Such diseases as Parkinson’s disease and dementia in some ways depend on your eating, mental activity, and the physical tonus of your body. Some scientific research shows that people who drink coffee regularly have a considerably lower risk of getting those diseases. It doesn’t mean that coffee is going to save you from those, but that’s an interesting fact anyway.


1. It takes time to make coffee 

The process of making coffee is considerably time-consuming because it takes time on a daily basis. If you do the grinding and roasting the coffee beans by yourself, that takes even more time. Maybe it’s your daily ritual and you enjoy spending that time for coffee, but for many of us that extra time is essential for other daily needs. This issue can be solved by buying an automatic coffee machine, Italian espresso makers are the best ones to get a cup of delicious coffee quickly and effortlessly. 

2. Too much coffee can cause anxiety

Don’t forget to check if you are getting the right amount of caffeine daily. Over-consumption of coffee on a daily basis will cause you to have too much caffeine in your body. That has a drastic influence on your blood pressure, most definitely will cause stress and irritability. Those are definitely not the things that you want for your body. So if you feel like being bothered on a daily basis, reduce the amount of your coffee you drink daily.

3. Coffee may be the reason for your insomnia

Coffee seems very useful in the morning to boost you up for the whole day, but also may be a trouble when it comes to trying to fall asleep. You might find yourself in a vicious circle when too much of the morning caffeine won’t let you peacefully fall asleep at night. Then more coffee the next morning, and even more trouble before going to bed. The easy solution for that is to reduce the number of cups of coffee, and never to drink any coffee at night.

4. Being caffeine sensitive

Being caffeine sensitive means that you are intolerant or even allergic to caffeine. That might show up in different ways from slight inconveniences (digestive issues, dizziness) to more serious ones (pain, breaking out in hives). If you have some serious problems, make sure to visit your doctor. Consider switching to decaf coffee, or maybe even completely exclude it from your daily diet, no matter how heartbreaking that might feel. 

5. Bad environmental impact

Nowadays, a huge number of coffee farms don’t pay any attention to how their business influences the soil. So when you go to the store and see the cheap kinds of coffees on the shelves, remember that those are the ones that kill our nature because they were not grown naturally. That coffee didn’t grow in the shade as it is supposed to, it was growing up under the sun in the deforested areas. After 15 years of such cultivation, the soil becomes devastated and unable for anything else to grow on it. 

6. Causes serious health problems

It is not recommended for people with hypertension to drink any coffee because it elevates their blood pressure for some hours. For some other people, coffee causes dehydration and dizziness if having coffee on a daily basis for a long time. So it’s better to make sure you don’t become a coffee addict. Your body and health are much more important than a beverage. 

7. Levels up cholesterol

This disadvantage is upsetting especially for French press coffee lovers. Drinking unfiltered coffee may raise your “bad” cholesterol which is a serious thing to consider. Consider that while choosing your coffee brewing method. Using paper filters considerably reduce the amount of that cholesterol, so you stay healthier.


Dorothy Gracious is a professional content writer having 8+ years of experience. Presently working as a freelancer and love to write about the latest technology, health, and lifestyle-related articles.