Is BYJU’S App Worth For Your Education?

The edtech industry has grown despite the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on most entrepreneurs or businesses. Today, even most colleges and schools have embraced the concept of online education due to its increasing popularity. This has led to a massive influx of investments, acquisitions, and upgrades, which has in turn encouraged more startups, and even more students, to get involved. Likewise, BYJU’S is among India’s leading education technology companies that have carved a niche for themselves over the last few years.

You may be wondering how legit BYJU’S App is, and perhaps this article will clear that up for you. The CEO and BYJU owner launched Edtech with the aim of crafting a comprehensive, personalized app tailored to help students learn more effectively. Students gain insight into how to learn at their own pace, thanks to the detailed feedback and personalized recommendations offered by the app. Among other benefits, parents can track their child’s growth and development with the BYJU’S Parent Connect App.

BYJU’S Programs

A popular online learning app by BYJU is aimed primarily at school-going students, but it also caters to other competitive exams. From kindergarten to class 12th standard, it includes syllabuses for all State Boards, CBSE, and ICSE. It also offers courses for competitive exams like JEE/NEET, UPSC, and Bank PO. The GATE program is also due to be launched soon. Even if these courses aren’t free, they offer a free trial.  Students of Class 4 to 12 may apply for a scholarship program that provides scholarships starting at Rs 35,000.

Students from kindergarten to Class 12 can access study materials and online classes related to major subjects – EVS, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Social Science, Business Studies, Accountancy, etc. At BYJU’S, all classes are taught by qualified instructors. The classes are designed in a way that provides each child with a personalized experience. Both the Android and Apple versions of BYJU’s app are available.

Students can also download BYJU’S-The Learning App and Disney – BYJU’S Early Learn to access all the educational content available through BYJU’S. The ones who already have the app installed on their devices (free version of the app), will have to update it to access the complete learning content for free.

Learn About Pros and Cons

In keeping with the expression “With great power comes great responsibility”, BYJU’S has also a great responsibility to provide its customers with authentic services as it continues to grow in popularity. The company is therefore driven by the desire to provide individualized learning experiences through effective and efficient learning programs. One of the factors that had contributed to the negative feedback was the price range for its programs. To counter this, the pricing plans and subscription plans are offered.

The app or company can also prove helpful for a student trying to achieve academic and life success. They offer rich, immersive and engaging learning experiences. Self-learning is made easier with the learning app, which assists students in initiating their learning. The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to students’ learning paths and engagement levels allows them to receive unique and customized learning experiences. Furthermore, the Daily Practice Problem (DPP) sheet, Worksheet, and Class Note make it easy for students to reinforce their learning.

The following are some points about BYJU’S app that are worth noting:

  1. Online learning is available whenever and wherever students want.
  2. Learning can be fun for students.
  3. The content is created by highly qualified teachers and professors.
  4. It is said that most courses are more cost-effective than tuition teachers

In the meantime, some disgruntled students have made known their dissatisfaction. you may have heard some comments and reviews related to BYJU’s fraud. Despite this, at both the Android and the iPhone play stores, students have shared positive experiences, saying how it helped them succeed.

Also in support is this article, which gives a glimpse of the app and its advantages. By examining this, you will gain an understanding of the legitimacy of BYJU’S . The company is dedicated to offering customers excellent learning content while providing an array of online courses to prepare students for their coursework.