Is buying silver still a good investment in 2021?

Silver, the companion to gold, is considered a more volatile investment than its yellow brethren. It’s a pretty popular precious metal, after all. Silver is available in bullion and jewelry formats and is used in various industries like the automobile and electronic ones.

Due to this widespread use case, you may be wondering if silver is a good investment in 2021. This guide will help break down why it may or may not be. Hopefully, after reading, you’ll feel educated enough on the subject to make a decision.

What is Investing in Silver Like?

Silver is fairly easy to invest in. It’s much cheaper than most other precious metals, assuming the price is down for the time. It’s also a great beginner asset, considering the price moves around enough to be interesting. You can absolutely learn to buy low and sell high without much risk utilizing silver.

Plus, with how cheap it usually is, silver is possible for even lower-income investors to buy. It’s a good stepping stone into the investment game and will likely be part of your investment portfolio forever.

Is Investing in Silver a Good Idea in 2021?

Compared to 2020, silver is at an incredibly high price in 2021 – even its lows are significantly higher. In fact, in the last twenty years, silver has only reached higher highs in 2011. Taking that into account, one could argue it isn’t the best time to buy silver right now, at least for investors with long-term prospects.

If you’re still interested in doing so, however, it’s best to look at silver as a short-term investment. While the asset is much higher than it has been in some time, it’s still experiencing ups and downs at the current level. If you’re able to pay close attention to the charts, it’s possible to turn a small investment into decent money.

Of course, this is all speculative. Silver can drop just as hard as it rose and with next to no warning. Fortunately, there are predictors of this. As the pandemic winds down, it’s likely that investors will start selling their holdings and re-enter the cash economy. There will be less of a reason to hedge the economy at that time.

This doesn’t mean silver will be a bad investment for all of 2021, however. In fact, if the price hits a yearly low, that might be a good time to buy. As with many investments, lows are generally a good time to buy. After all, silver’s use case is massive. It’s not like the asset will suddenly disappear overnight. There’s always a reason to have silver around.

How to Judge a Good Silver Investment

While it’s impossible to always be sure, there are ways to judge silver investments before you put in funds. For one, it’s always a great idea to follow some technical analysis experts. These investors have generally been in the market for years, if not decades. They understand many signs and tells of where the market might be heading.

On top of this, pay attention to the demand for cars and electronics. If people are buying cars more frequently, silver is likely to rise in price. If the demand is down, however, the price is likely to drop. There is always some insight to find.

Of course, even if you follow all of the trading analyses in the world, know that it’s impossible to always win. Sometimes, the market just takes a weird turn. Analysis might be wrong, or you may have followed the wrong advice. But that’s okay. Simply try again (assuming you’d like to invest more). Just remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose, and you’ll be okay.


Hopefully, you’re now aware of whether it’s a good idea to invest in silver in 2021 or not. You never know what may happen, so pay attention to the market with a close eye. Happy trading!

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