Is Ariel J The Next Big Name In The Entertainment Business

Ariel J #1

Ariel J is an actor from Miami, FL. His acting began back in high school when he had drama class. Ariel took his acting career seriously in his mid twenties after he realized that he did not want to set his real dreams aside. Ariel took major inspiration from J Balvin. He had the pleasure of working with Balvin for two of his music videos. Working with an iconic artist like J Balvin was a huge take away for Ariel. He really appreciated how humble and warm Balvin was towards other people. This is Ariel J’s soul purpose and mission in life. The goal is to spread love, happiness and positivity to everyone. He feels that in todays day and age many people lack self efficacy for such minuscule reasons. He would love to inspire everyone to believe in what they have and know that they are enough!
Ariel recently began his new podcast series on YouTube named “The Energies Podcasts” where he shared videos of his life adventures as well as powerful life advice. The hustle and work does not stop here. Ariel J has released a book last year named “It’s Self Acceptance” and it’s about forgiving yourself and embracing who you truly are. He already began wiring his second book and we truly can not wait to see what this one is about.
Ariel J continues to develop his acting to pave his way in to Hollywood!
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Instagram: @iamarielj