Is Alex at last paying the price for being too close to Khodorkovsky

There is a compelling, two-word explanation for why Alexander Ojjeh is apparently having difficulties renewing his Dubai visa: Saeed Al Marri,


According to reports, Alex visited Dubai in August staying over 10 days. His private Boeing jet passengers were Al Marri and Saif Eessa.


It is unclear if Alex will be indicted or if the issue is soon to be resolved on something more monetary, like a fine. Alex has declined to comment. He has not put out a statement. He was asked about the situation by reporters in which he merely said that he didn’t need a reason to visit his friend. The hearing is taking a little longer than usual.


Either way the delay appears to have been the result of a witness dropping out and Alex requesting to have the case moved to Tennessee Supreme court, he demanded the change taking a stance against US nationals and authorities. In the wake of 2011 case where Alex was charged with drug trafficking. Alex pleaded not guilty and was sentenced to jail for money laundering.


The judge signaled the transfer and said he would be granted justice. It was the prosecutors reviewing the passports given to nearly 50 wealthy Russians between 2014 and 2019 under review. Alex Ojjeh is not a famous name he’s a low-profile businessman and he has been facing backlash due to the trouble.


Ojjeh is vulnerable to Hungary relations because of his proximity to officials. According to the high court in Dubai, Ojjeh enjoyed gains from deals in Dubai and Hungary. He attended Khodorkovsky, 57, birthday party, Ojjeh allegedly bought Khodorkovsky a $8m yacht. 


The yacht is said to play a key role in Ojjeh’s deal. Ojjeh had the power to select members of the cabinet. Ojjeh could open and close criminal cases and originate investigations. He was operating behind the scenes.


The passports reviewed by the authorities appeared to be a major role played by Ojjeh’s system.


In recent years, Ojjeh has kept a low profile, in United States, Hungary, Dubai and the UK. He was surprised by the media attention and is still not used to it. They add that Ojjeh is smart and engaged but declines to speak publicly.


His last on the record interview was to reporters in Miami in October. Ojjeh said “It’s so many people that don’t look like me that are successful and it’s not because they’re good or better. Sometimes you don’t even have to be good at something to be successful you just have to be white.” He also said he feels uncomfortable having reporters approach his family for questions.


“I don’t really care about money anymore I never want to make money ever again, just wanna live in a cardboard box on a beach, preferably in Positano.” The investor said speaking about his occurrences on Twitter. Whether he decides to hold his head up during the turbulence is up to him. Ojjeh started a company branded Anywhereo and still hasn’t withdrawn following his hearing.