Is Age a Determinant When It Comes to Which Social Media Channel to Use

It is always a concern when some statistics reveal that Tik Tok has a lot of its users between the age of 18 to 24 years. Old people, who are 60 years and above keep worrying and concerned about whether such platforms are welcoming for them or not. social media experts YoutubeStorm have never shed a light on that issue making people to be confused. A person needs to know which platforms to register on and which ones not to even think about.

The Content Have It All 

Old people are not interested in content that deals with the new world including things like relationship issues, comedy, and even modern music. If you look at TikTok, these are the most trending things now and then. There is no room for old stuff like slow music or some old age-friendly content. The truth is that old people are completely not considered on these platforms as young people want the current affairs that will spark their entertainment and make them enjoy life to a great extent. The possibility of old people coming into conflict with young people due to different views and opinions on such platforms is very high.

The Platforms for Old and Young People 

Looking at platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, old people have a room on these platforms. Starting with Twitter, this is purely a site where people share news and news stories. If it is not about news, then they receive direct updates about the politics and other issues affecting society. If you look at such stories, they are of interest to old people because somehow, these stories connect more to old people than young people. LinkedIn being a professional site, youth don’t have the autonomy to display their celebratory lifestyle because it is a B2B platform and professional site where only talents and recruiters are present. It is accommodative to both young and old people. 

Facebook Remains Neutral 

Facebook is accommodative to both age groups because, on Facebook, one decides which path to follow. YoutubeStorm reveals that if you are old and you want people who think like you, then only send friend requests and accept requests from people who are of your age. That way, you will be able to keep a network that is in line with your demands and deeds. If you start accepting requests or sending requests from people who are not in your age gap, you could end up experiencing some conflict of ideas between you and your friends. 

The bottom line is that age matters a lot when it comes to which kind of social media platform to be on. If you are just there for exploratory purposes, it is okay to buffer on any platform so that you know what is happening. The behavior of young people on social media is a clear depiction of how the world is at the moment so old people can look at social media behavior to see how the world has changed. 

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