Is a Royal Title Your Passport to Luxury Travel?

Travelling as a member of any of the world’s royal families, it may feel normal to be treated to those little luxuries
that can add an extra something to an already lavish lifestyle. But what if there was a way for all those little
luxuries taken for granted by royalty to be enjoyed by us regular folk too!
How is this possible, you ask? The answer may be simpler than you think if you were to acquire your own royal
title and travel as a Lord or a Duchess.
While it is not absolutely guaranteed that by buying yourself a royal title, you will have a sudden change in your
fortunes, you may instead be able to benefit from a few luxury perks, especially when it comes to taking holidays
or going on business trips.

Experience Travel Perks Fit for Royalty

When booking a holiday, flight, cruise break or hotel, you may be able to benefit from some delightful and
unexpected perks that holiday firms and travel operators will often reserve for their VIP guests.
We’re talking about you being offered complimentary cabin upgrades on a cruise ship, free upgrades or products
on flight bookings, access to first-class lounges, better hotel rooms, private dining areas in restaurants, invites to
exclusive parties, complimentary access to yacht clubs, and more.
All these things are often enjoyed by royalty while travelling – but you may be able to enjoy them too. While buying
yourself a royal title cannot guarantee all these extra privileges every time you travel, you may find yourself
benefiting from a few free perks here or there on trips simply because of your title.

Do You Want Lord or Lady on Your Passport?

To gain a royal title, you don’t have to go out and find a single Prince or Princess to marry. As far as we know,
there isn’t a singles dating site catering for lonely royals. However, if you fancy taking on a royal title and becoming
a Lord, Lady, Duke or Dutchess, you can do this without marrying into a royal family.
You can choose from a handful of royal titles available to buy for yourself or to give as a gift for someone special –
perfect for anyone who is difficult to buy for. While tracking down a single royal to marry sounds like a lot of hard
work, purchasing a royal title is a quicker and more cost-effective option if you want to enjoy the benefits of
carrying a prestigious name that could be your passport to more luxurious travel.

A Royal Title for Life

Royal titles you can buy are often offered to help preserve and maintain the local environment, nature, wildlife and
local ancient customs and traditions of the region that grants them, to prevent them from being lost from history.
So by purchasing one of these royal titles, you will not only be gaining a prestigious title that can make your life a
little more enjoyable, but you will be contributing to a good cause with long term sustainable goals – the land and
its ancient history can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Titles like these, offered to support these beneficial projects and schemes can be found throughout Europe, and
these programmes have helped save vast areas of land from commercial development.

Upgrading Your Travel Experience

If you have a desire to travel like royalty, then adopting a royal title may be an easy way for you to experience the
ultimate travel upgrade without spending a fortune.
Within the travel and hospitality industry, you will find an extra layer of service rolled out for special guests, such as
celebrities, business leaders, VIPS, and royalty – with many extra perks and privileges provided for these special
You probably won’t even need to point out your new title. Travel or hospitality typically look out for these signs of a
VIP client when you book or pay with a credit card carrying your title, opening the door for the potential upgrades
and complimentary offers to come your way.
So you may arrive at your hotel to find your room has been upgraded at no extra charge, you manage to get a
reservation at a posh restaurant that is supposedly full, or you simply could find complimentary flowers and
chocolates are left in your room each day.

Travel Like a Royal

If you enjoy luxury travel (who doesn’t?), or you travel a lot for business, there can be many benefits you could
enjoy from buying yourself a royal title. It could help you receive some fantastic perks that are only reserved for
VIPs and royalty.
You’re still not likely to experience the level of travel of the ‘real royals’, but having your own royal title could help
you enjoy those extra touches that make your travel just a little more luxurious.


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