Is a Lash Lift Worth the Cost?

Have you ever had a lash lift?

If you’ve ever used mascara, you’ll know the difference that longer, fuller, and blacker lashes can make to your face! Your eyes pop and you look much more put together.

But, applying and removing mascara every day takes time, and smudging throughout the day can be a real pain. This is where lash lifts come in.

But, are lash lifts worth it and will they work for you?

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash lifts have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but there’s still a lot of confusion around what they actually are! If you’ve never had one yourself, you probably don’t entirely know what it is or how it works. Well, you can think of a lash lift as a kind of perm for your eyelashes.

The idea is to create curlier eyelashes that, rather than sticking straight forward, curl upwards as they do when you put on mascara. This makes them appear fuller, longer, and means that you can cut down on the products you need to use – a win-win-win! It’s often paired with a lash tint, too, ensuring that you have super black, sultry lashes to make your eyes stand out.

The lift works by first washing and drying your lashes. Silicone shields are then glued onto your eyelids and your lashes are combed and glued onto the shields. The perming solution is applied which makes the lashes soft and malleable so that they can be reshaped and get that curl and lift.

Depending on how well your lashes can hold a curl, the perming solution will be left on for between 6-12 minutes. A setting lotion is then applied to harden your lashes again and hold them in shape. Any add-ons, like tints and plumping solutions, are then applied!

The Benefits of a Lash Lift

First of all, lash lifts don’t hurt (well, they shouldn’t anyway!). It’s a super easy treatment that can actually be quite relaxing. There should be no irritation or discomfort throughout the procedure and afterwards.

Your lashes will be more dramatic afterwards, with added length almost like extensions! The look is also very natural, though, unlike extensions. It’s perfect for a doe-eyed, dramatic look that isn’t over the top.

You can then wake up in the morning and be ready to go – no mascara needed! However, if you want to wear mascara you definitely can. In fact, adding a coat or two of your favorite mascara can maximize the effects of your lift and leave you with incredibly long-looking lashes.

Is It Worth the Cost?

If the lash lift benefits sound good to you, it’s definitely worth the cost! A lash lift can be anywhere from $50-$150, with the most popular and reputable studios charging somewhere in the middle. If you’re wondering do lash lifts work? the answer is a resounding yes – as long as you visit an experienced beauty technician trained to do lash lifts, of course.

You’ll only need a lash lift around every 6-8 weeks to maintain your look, which isn’t bad at all. Just schedule yours in every time you get a haircut and you’ll have long lashes every day, morning and night. It also doesn’t negatively affect your lashes and, if done properly, can even be good for them.

It’s low-maintenance unlike extensions, is a quick procedure, and you can sleep, clean your face, and rub your eyes as much as you want! Plus, you don’t have to spend time applying expensive mascaras every day, which makes it totally worth it in our books.

Can You Do a DIY Lash Lift?

You can get a lash lift kit for home, but these are usually meant for professionals. Doing a lash lift at home is never a good idea, and everyone will tell you to steer clear! You’re dealing with chemicals around your eyes, and getting it wrong could be super painful and damaging.

A lash lift gone wrong is also never a good look. Once you’ve set your lashes, you’re stuck with their shape for over a month, and if you get yours wrong that’s going to be incredibly annoying. No lash curlers or mascara is going to set a lash lift right!

Although it might be tempting to save the money and do a lash lift at home, you shouldn’t. It’s going to be well worth paying a professional to do it for you, and you’ll regret it if you don’t.

The Final Verdict

At the end of this lash lift review, let’s have a final verdict. Is a lash lift worth it? Really, that all comes down to you.

If you’re not happy with the length or shape of your lashes, it’s a brilliant way to build up your confidence. It’s also great if you prefer to look natural and love no makeup days, giving you a subtle bit of drama that’s not going to look like huge extensions. If you’re sick of applying mascara every day, that’s another reason to get it done!

Essentially, if the benefits sound great to you, it’s going to be worth the money. Lash lifts do work and they do come with all the benefits mentioned here, it’s just whether you want those or not.

Find a Reputable Lash Technician

If you’ve decided a lash lift is just what you need to boost your confidence and save you time getting ready in the morning, great news! Now, you have to find a reputable beauty salon or individual lash technician to do the lift for you. Be sure to take your time checking out reviews and looking at past clients before you make your choice.

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