Is A Custody Battle Best for Your Children?

You have a very shattered relationship with your spouse, but you should skip the child custody battle when it comes to your children. Letting a court decision on custody is practically seen as costly, emotionally draining, and unpredictable, leading to a solution that might not be ideal for your family.

Parental conflict over children on court-imposed custody leads to adverse effects on the kids. To properly guide you about this whole matter, take the help of a child custody attorney. Look at this time as an opportunity and improve your parenting skills and relationship with your child. You should make an effort and can’t lose such as this : 


Conservatorship means it is assigned to parents the rights of their children. It divides and designated the privileges, powers, and duties of a parent. In joint managing conservators, it may share all rights or some rights. In the arrangement of conservatorship, the custodial parent is the person who has all the rights, privileges, power, and duties of a parent. The non-custodial parent has limited parental rights.

There are chances when a non-parent can be appointed as a custodial parent, but this rarely occurs in a divorce case. If this happens then, the grandparent of a child may be designated as an additional custody parent. It is said that there can be more than one custodial parent or sole managing conservator with specific rights to take control of the children at a particular time. 

Determine the Duties of Each Parent: 

Appoint them as joint managing conservators; parental rights may divide. However, the parties can agree to retain all the requests, and they will work together, or they can give more rights to one parent than the other. Only the exception of this is children’s dwelling.

The order that the court determines naming joint managing conservators must fix the children and county’s residence. It should be fixed until the court’s further order can be altered and give one of the conservators the right to determine the place. The sole managing conservator has the right that the court can allow after appropriate notice and discussion with the non-custodial parent to select schools, physicians, and training of moral and religious things.

Changes are necessary :

Before 1974 in Texas, it followed that children of tender age that are up to 7 or 8 should be with their mother. It was accepted that the mother is a better parent than the father to teach and guide the children of tender years and provide better care. In 1974 the law was explicitly direct to the parent seeking custody that their child’s custody decision on a basis without regard to the sex.

According to families in the United States, over 50% of families, both father and mother work. So it is expected that each party needs to be treated fairly. In a situation where both parents are working like the mother, the father also needs to develop the same skills and make similar arrangements while working to take care of the child. 

Each party has a possession schedule:

In addition to parental rights, the court will set an order for each party to take children’s possession at different times. Joint conservatorship does not mean that the children have to divide their time equally between each parent. Often, the joint managing conservatorship provides the rights to one parent to take possession of the child most of the time and the other parent to have weekends and alternate holidays.

Best welfare for your children:

The law states that to assess a parent as the primary conservator of a child, the children’s best interest should be a determining factor in assessing it. Some of the factors to be considered are as follows:

  • Amount of time a parent has spent with the child
  • Desire of child
  • Stability of home
  • Emotional and physical needs now and in future
  • Any danger emotionally or physically
  • Parental abilities who seek custody

Supreme importance to be given while court taking decisions of assessing a parent for child custody is to keep in mind the child’s welfare.

A motive for seeking child custody :

You should consider the question: why do you want primary custody of your children? 

There can be many reasons involved, but if you want custody of your child as an act of revenge, your spouse or ex-spouse has decided to take charge and feel hurt and upset by this. Then, of course, it is a very bad and wrong motive for seeking custody.

Instead of this, you need to think that you are a better parent than your spouse and can provide the children what they need. And to get success in it, you need to ask a child custody attorney to work for you. It is a time commitment and an emotional commitment case. If your motive is insufficient and commitment is not best, then any child custody lawyers will be reluctant to seek primary custody of your child support lawyer.

Ask yourself, is it a job you really have to want?

You should know that parenting is really a very difficult job. Take time and consider that having a primary conservatorship of one, two, or three children is a huge responsibility. Daily, you need to see them, feed them, clean them, cuddle them, and be with them when they’re sick, the economic responsibility of care, maintaining the house, and holding a full-time job. It is easy to see your children every other weekend. It is not an easy or a small job, so make sure that it’s a job that you really want.

Suppose your child attorney in Knoxville finds that you are not competent or a great parent; they will not remain as your attorney. And if the other parent is not a good alternative and there are compelling reasons, then the child attorney should stay in your caste, and you need to follow instructions and improve your parenting skills. In this way, there are chances that you can be appointed as a primary conservator, and it’s all good and beneficial to your child only.

Create a win-win situation:

If you receive temporary primary conservatorship and live in the house with the children, then you must use this precious time to show your parent skills as a loving and concerned parent. The court will be more inclined to your primary conservatorship and make this arrangement permanently.

If you feel that it is more complicated than you thought, then your spouse might be the right parent for permanent custody after taking responsibility for the child.


Now you know by reading this what is best for your child and considering that and keeping in mind your child’s welfare, you should make the decision and fight for a custody battle.

Discover yourself that you are ready for a primary conservatorship, and if not, then there is nothing wrong with admitting it. You are affectionate to your child, and you want the greatest for them as your primary concern. You must be honest with your child custody attorney, and the same as the child attorney in Knoxville will be honest with you. They can also let you know and tell if you are not about to win the primary conservatorship.