Is a Cremation Service Right for You?

You’re probably wondering if a cremation service is right for you. Well, the answer is yes! You can have your loved one’s life celebrated in many and varied ways before or after they pass away including traditional burial services where we provide urns made from marble or granite to keep their remains close at heart.

Fernwood Cemetery and Funeral Home have been proudly providing cremation service to the San Francisco Bay Area since 1894. We offer onsite cremations with state-of-the-art equipment, integrating natural gas into their processes for green practice or burial of remains depending upon your preference. Fernwood’s rich history lives long in our modern-day facilities which provide a unique location that will hold an intimate ceremony during which you may honour those we’ve lost by interring them here among kindred spirits rather than depositing them at sea as some cultures do today.

Choosing Cremation Services

People are increasingly choosing cremation service over a traditional funeral and burial, as it is an environmentally friendly process that doesn’t require expensive caskets or graves. Cremations can offer various personalized remembrances for those seeking more than just mourning the loss of their loved one in physical form; they’re remembering them through ceremony instead! Many individuals have also reported feeling less sadness after making this choice because there’s no need to wait months before being able to say goodbye again if needed–the person has already left us once by not living any longer so why hold onto things like clothing etc.

A Lasting Remembrance

Fernwood Cemetery is the perfect place for you to finally find peace. With a permanent memorial location, your loved ones are no longer forgotten and family members can come together in one spot without having any trouble finding them among all these gravesites. Fernwoods offers personalized options such as cremation burials which provide more traditional resting places with urn niches available or boulders overlooking Mt Tamalpais if that’s what suits them best! There are also three scattering gardens where those who scatter ashes will always remember their departed-on earth while enjoying an outdoor setting like never before.

Direct Cremation or Witnessed Cremation

Fernwood Crematory has been providing high-quality cremation services in San Francisco since the 1980s. We offer both direct, simple burials and witnessed ceremonies to accommodate your every need; whether you want a small gathering for family members or friends with an intimate PR ceremonial before things heat up at Fern’s Mortuary & Crematory building on Russian Hill. These types of gatherings typically happen after we close out business here which ends as soon as all activity inside is finished – either wailing over remains left behind by loved ones who have passed away from natural causes such funeral homes are able during these moments that help ease whatever pain one may feel when faced losing someone important.

You might be wondering what to do with your loved one’s remains after they’ve passed away. Maybe you want a traditional burial with gravestones, or an urn holding their ashes in the privacy of our own cremation chapel so that only those who know will get closure from this final act; whatever route is right for you and whoever deserves memorials should take comfort knowing there are beautiful choices when it comes time choosing how best preserve memories through death.

Cremation And Memorial Service

Fernwood Memorial Park is a beautifully landscaped location to hold your memorial service. Our Remembrance Room has been specially designed for those who have lost loved ones and features natural light from elegant skylights overhead, making it feel less like an event space and more like the serene atmosphere you would hope for during such difficult times in life when honouring our dearly departed friends or family members

This isn’t just any old room though; we take care not only about how beautiful things are but also providing privacy so that no one feels intruded upon by others walking around while paying homage before their own personal moments of reflection on this most important day.


A cremation service may be right for you, but before making a decision it is important to understand what your options are. There are several types of services available and each one offers different benefits so please read this blog post in its entirety as we cover all the details about cremations. If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about how a funeral home can help with any arrangements after someone has passed on, then this article will answer those questions too! We hope that our information helps make things easier and less stressful at such an emotionally difficult time.  Be sure to contact us if there’s anything else we can do for you during this challenging time.