Is a 360 Photo Booth Worth it at a Wedding Event?

Explore Budgets and Costing

We all know how weddings are one of the most significant events in a couple’s life.

Capturing memories of these moments is very important, and hiring a wedding photographer is one of the time-tested traditions to do so.

However, traditional photographs can often be tedious and do not enhance the moment’s essence.

That is where 360 photo booths come in.

So, let’s get a few common questions answered.

What are 360 Photo Booths?

360 photo booths are the latest trend in event photography, and they provide a unique and fun way to capture memories.

A 360 photo booth offers an immersive and one-of-a-kind experience for gatherings and celebrations.

The booth shoots panoramic images and videos of your guests using sophisticated equipment and software, allowing them to capture the ambiance and surroundings of the event.

These booths use special camera jigs and software to take panoramic photographs and videos to capture a 360-degree view of the stage.

It means you can capture the action from an all-round perspective, not just what is happening in front of a static camera.

Why are 360 Photo Booths Great at Wedding Parties?

When it comes to wedding events, 360 photo booths rentals are becoming increasingly popular.

The 360 booth is extremely easy to set up and will fit in any space.

It comes with an attendant, you and your guests may instantly share the gifs to your phones, and we will email you a copy after the event.

Sharing films on social media and other platforms is one of the most essential advantages of a 360 photo booth.

Your visitors can share their recollections with friends and family and relive the event with just a few clicks.

A 360 photo booth is for more than just recording memories.It may also provide a fun and participatory element to any event.

Several stalls have a range of backgrounds and settings from which to choose, allowing guests to be creative and experiment with different appearances.

Some even provide virtual reality experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in another world entirely.

Get as many people engaged as possible with the 360; the brandable, anti-slip platform can accommodate up to four visitors at once, maximizing the excitement at your event.

They provide a great way to capture memories and keep guests entertained at the same time.

How much do these booths cost to rent in the USA?

The cost of renting a 360 photo booth for a wedding event can vary depending on a number of factors.

  • The first factor is the location of the event. 

Different regions and cities may have additional rental rates.

For example, renting a 360 photo booth in New York City may be more expensive than renting one in Idaho for obvious reasons.

  • The second factor is the duration of the rental.

Some companies offer hourly rates, while others may offer packages for a set number of hours or for the entire day.

The longer you rent the booth, the more expensive it gets.

  • The third factor is the features and services included in the rental package.

Some rental packages may include a booth attendant, props, customized backdrops, and digital copies of the photos.

The more features included, the more expensive the rental may be.

On average, renting a 360 photo booth for any event in the USA ranges from $500 to $1,500 for a specified number of hours.

This price range is based on a four-hour rental period and includes basic features such as props and a customized backdrop.

Prices may go up if you add additional features or services.

Additional features and services offered by different event management companies are definitely something you should explore in detail.

Most people gloss over the options available to them because they think of the packages as an upsell.

But your party’s mood heavily depends on the overall vibe and experience.

The companies know it and have crafted the packages and offers to turn your wedding into a wedding everyone reminisces about as the best wedding party they’ve experienced.

If chosen wisely, a package deal may be the most value for money you can get, with how much of those services can contribute to your event.


360 photo booths are a great addition to any wedding event. They provide a unique and fun way to capture memories, and guests will love the interactive nature of the booths.

The cost of renting a 360 photo booth for a wedding event in the USA can vary depending on several factors, but on average, expect to pay between $500 to $1,500 for a four-hour rental period.

Therefore, shopping around and comparing prices and features is usually recommended to find the best wedding package.

However, having spent the money, you can rest assured that your wedding will be fun and memorable for all your guests.

Therefore, why not add excitement to your next event by renting a 360 photo booth?

Let your visitors appreciate the opportunity to capture and share their memories in a new and participatory manner.

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