IQOS: What Should You Know?

In the United States, sales of a heat-not-burning alternative to cigarettes are now permitted. The Food and Drug Administration permits IQOS, as a “modified Risk” tobacco product for people over 18.

FDA has launched a crackdown on e-cigarette use among youths and stated that this product is only for adult smokers.

FDA has stated that IQOS sales for adults will be allowed as the products produce fewer or lesser levels of some toxins compared to combustible cigarette smoke. However, FDA is not recommending the product be considered safe or FDA approved.

According to FDA, all tobacco products are potentially addictive and harmful. People who have not used tobacco products should stop.

What Does IQOS Mean?

IQOS heats tobacco by heating it in special paper. This allows users to get nicotine from tobacco.

These so-called “heat sticks are heated in the IQOS. When they cool down, nicotine is released with other flavors and tobacco components for users.

This is different from regular cigarettes, which are made from tobacco. The main thing to remember is that the IQOS aerosol containing cancer-causing chemicals comes from heated tobacco.

You can buy heat sticks from the

Is IQOS Healthier Than Smoking Cigarettes?

Because it is tobacco, chemicals released by an IQOS device from aerosols are the same as those in cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Some were found at higher levels in IQOS, while others were less common.

Tobacco that has been heated rather than burned may cause fewer cancer-causing compounds.

You can reduce your chance of getting cancer by quitting smoking. It is possible to quit smoking by taking medications, nicotine patches, lozenges, or gum.

E-cigarettes, which are currently available on the market, contain a battery as well as a heating element and a container to hold liquid. After the liquid is heated, the liquid becomes a vapor.

IQOS devices are not equipped with heated liquids (e-cigarettes) to deliver nicotine. IQOS devices heat tobacco leaves which contain many cancer-causing and naturally occurring toxins.

Another thing that makes e-cigarettes and IQOS different is the fact that e-cigarette liquids are available in a variety of flavors. IQOS devices are only available in regular tobacco flavor, or menthol.

IQOS (e-cigarettes) are identical in that they use a battery.

What Should Smokers Understand About IQOS?

IQOS has not received FDA approval. It has also not been said that it is an effective way to quit smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

Do Not Smoke If You Aren’t Already. Do Not Smoke.

Experts agree that the best way for quitting is to combine medications or medical nicotine replacement with psychological support.

Why Adult Smokers Are Changing From Smoking To IQOS.

Cigarettes Are Made From Tar. IQOS Isn’t

Tar is the residue that remains from smoking after a cigarette burn. IQOS does not produce tar as it heats tobacco and does not burn it. It produces an aerosol substance that is fundamentally distinct from “Tar”, and has significantly lower levels. Switching completely to IQOS can be less dangerous than continuing to use tobacco.

IQOS Doesn’t Burn Tobacco.

IQOS heats the tobacco instead of burning it. As such, it doesn’t produce smoke, ash, or fire. This makes IQOS a more attractive alternative to continuing to smoke.

IQOS Emits Fewer Toxic Chemicals Than Cigarettes.

Cigarettes smoke tobacco, which creates high levels of carbon dioxide. IQOS produces less carbon monoxide than cigarettes and has a significantly lower level of harmful chemicals.