iPhone X Repair: Can Technicians Fix Wet iPhone X?

Apple released the iPhone X in 2017, calling it the “future of the smartphone.” It is packed with incredible features and offers you the benefit of fast speed and top-notch performance. It is an impressive device but not invincible. So do not expect your iPhone X to come out of a bathtub unscathed. And the sight of a wet phone can increase your heart rate. You may have to take the help of a service centre focused on iPhone X repair to salvage it.

Electronic gadgets hate to come in contact with water or liquids. Water and beverages can destroy them. So you need to ensure that you do not step out into the rain with iPhone in your pocket or jump into a swimming pool with it. You might be a careful person but still, end up with a wet iPhone X. It is likely to not turn on after it gets drenched. 

You should not freak out when your device does not turn on. Instead, you need to take a few steps to ensure that water does not cause short circuits or permanently damage your phone’s parts.

  • Turn off your iPhone X immediately. If it is already switched off, do not try to revive it by pressing buttons or plugging it in. Charging your iPhone when it is wet can further damage it.
  • Take it off the case and remove the SIM card.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the iPhone X dry.
  • Gently shake your phone to remove water from your phone’s ports. Do not do it vigorously, as there is the risk of water spreading inside your iPhone X. If that happens, you might need to declare your phone dead.
  • Place the phone in front of a fan, the one that is blowing cool air, to dry out the phone and its Lightning connector. You, however, should not use a hot blow dryer. Also, do not insert a cotton swab into the port to dry it.

You should not charge the iPhone X until you are certain that it is dry. According to Apple, you need to wait for at least five hours before plugging it in to charge. If your phone does not turn on even after 24 hours, you need to visit a service centre known for excellent iPhone X repair. You should not try to pry it open to examine its components or try to fix the phone yourself. When you do that, you make it more difficult for repair technicians to salvage it.

It is possible to fix a water-damaged iPhone. But you need to take it to a top-quality service centre. Here are factors that will help you determine the right centre for iPhone repair in your city.

Experienced and Well-trained Technicians

Technicians who are still learning how to repair damaged iPhones cannot fix your wet device effectively. It is not a simple repair. They might fail to determine the extent of the damage and repair or replace water-damaged components effectively. So before you hand over your iPhone X to a centre, make sure that only experienced and well-trained technicians will handle it. As they have fixed countless wet iPhones – and undergo regular training to learn the latest repair techniques – they are most likely to make your device work again. And they will do it in the shortest time possible.

Positive Online Reviews 

No third-party iPhone repair centre would tell you that their technicians cannot repair your water-damaged device. Even if they lack the tools and the expertise to do complex iPhone repairs, they will claim to be the best in the city. You must find out whether a centre is reliable and safe before visiting it. Online reviews can help you with that. Written by customers, they give a true picture of a centre’s services. You can avoid a nightmarish experience after reading them and visit only the best center in your city for iPhone repairs.  

Genuine Parts 

When water or a liquid enters inside your iPhone, it is likely to damage multiple parts. Some can be repaired, while others need to be replaced. You cannot let iPhone service center to use non-genuine components during the replacement process. Such parts can turn your iPhone X into an ordinary phone. It will work slow, and its overall performance will deteriorate as well. Sooner or later, you can no longer use it. 

Final Words

You need to look for a service centre for iPhone X repair that offers a warranty on its repairs. Such a centre’s technicians are usually experienced and well-trained. They are confident of fixing a whole range of iPhone issues effectively, including the phone’s water-damaged components. The centre also has an arsenal containing Apple-approved equipment, tools, and genuine parts. You need to book an appointment with such a centre in advance. 

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