IoTfy – A Boon To Be Part Of Smart Home Automation Change

We are here to help our customers to enhance their idea on upcoming smart technologies without spending time learning the core setup. Our main goal is to support our consumers to maintain their living easy with smart devices. 

Internet on Things or IoT Solutions is one of the latest technologies on which all the systems and devices are working these days. 

Things that Smart tech can do: 

Voice Assistant 

It helps in control your devices or systems like lights, bulbs, heating, entertainments, comfort, and thermostats by voice command. It is fun to control your devices via Smart voice command for convenient usages. 

App control 

Control your Smart home devices via a smartphone app from any part of the country. 

Full automation setup 

Smart home knows well when you are home or away from your place, or in which part of the home you are, in when you want to turn on your AC or TV or at what time to wake up or sleep. 

Sensor-based Smart home devices 

It sometimes becomes difficult to identify the switches to turn on and off the appliances like Smart kettle, Smart Microwave, Smart chimneys, and many more Smart products Smart plugs or smart switch sets are of great help. For easy use, the sensor provides the best service, just a figure tip touch or eye-scanning of video door open or cameras to eliminate the outsiders from entering the Smart Home. 


When shopping for a smart system for home, one should ensure whether it is in their budget or do it fits their expectations. Our service is to provide the best Smart Home Automation Energy-saving Devices within the budget of the customer. 

Our Smart Home Automation Applications include Intelligent Lighting 

You can turn on/off or the lights without human interventions. It not only saves energy but electricity bills too.

The brightness can be intensified or minimized with the help of smartphones and even the amount of sun rays entering the room via Smart doors or Smart curtains. 

Kitchen Accessories 

Smart Kitchen Accessories like Smart water purifiers, Smart fridges, Smart Washing machines, etc. are a way that turns your dream into reality. You can control the temperature or the amount of water you are using while cleaning smart dishes. 

Temperature control 

IoT devices are for you to take proper advantage of it when you are away or on the way home and want your AC to be on or smart Microwave to be preheated so that you can have a resting time or cook snacks or food without delay. 

Smart thermostats adjust automatically according to the requirement of the users. 

Security systems 

When we go out for shopping or picnic or office one thing that juggles in mind is did we close the locks, did we close the windows or are the curtains down, or didn’t you on your chimneys?

The solution lies with the smart security systems that our company provides you. Your door shuts automatically when you are out or smart chimneys turn off as soon as you leave the kitchen, Smart curtains are down with the help of smartphone apps. 


In case of water or gas leakage, a notification will be sent via the safety sensors app to look after it without delay. 

Sos Button 

It helps to send SMS including current location by the app to three predefined contacts during panic or rescue situations. 

Smart Bands 

These help calculate pulse rates, heartbeats steps while walking, calories burned, and turn on the music while exercising. It helps to stay fit and fine the users.

IoTfy Services: 

Professionally Installed 

If you are aware of advanced technology then it is wise to consider all the systems or devices are connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. If not then, our well-trained technician can provide you with an n-number of suggestions or advice to install it correctly without any delay and advice you what other features are good for your Smart home Automation devices to save energy. 

The Best Smart Home energy saving solutions 

The families need to stay updated with smart home technical devices. Try according to your choices or preferences, and then we will provide you with our eco-friendly smart home automation energy-saving services. We deal in fair prices and best services for our customers like no other company in that region or locality to install high quality systems or devices. We provide a home automation system for easy, secure, fast and simple access to many devices. If you want a “smart home” then contact us at 9319434469 or fill our form to get more information in free within 24hours or email

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