iOS 14 vs iOS 13 Which One You Should Choose?

Are you thinking of updating your smartphone with the new version? But at the same time, you are thinking if it is worth doing or not? It was June 2020 when Apple announced the new iOS 14 update, the latest operating system for smartphones.

So, here in this article, we have discussed the differences between the different operating systems iOS13 as well as the iOS 14 and its high-end features.  To enjoy the various benefits offered by iOS app developers read this. You will get to know which one has to be chosen for your smartphone.

If we talk about android phones they have software that can be supported around a limited period after that you have to replace it with a new one to enjoy the latest android updates. But when it comes to Apple it sends regular updates as it itself develops its software. For all the iOS versions Apple is in the top list to handle all the new updates launched.

With the scenario, Apple has cleared that all the smartphones which are having iOS 13  can be upgraded with iOS 14.

Key Differences Between iOS 14 & iOS 13

Here are a few of the key differences we have mentioned here.

Availability and Compatibility

It is pretty amazing to know that fact that  you can upgrade your mobile phone operating system from iOS 13 to the latest upgrade iOS 14. With this, you can fix all the bugs and the high-end featured security has added more value to the latest one.

As the iOS 13 has all the software but when it comes to the iOS 14 version of the Apple device, it comes with more software improvement and  more security concerns.

Comparison with Speed

When talking about the speed the two versions launched by the Apple beta and developer have played their major role here. The bionic chips which are available check the speed as to how the operating system works.  It all depends upon the software which is used in iOS 13 as well as iOS 14. Although the ios 14 updates are not used by many people but compared to the old versions it is better.

Role of Siri

Siri is like a personal assistant that whatever the instructions will be provided, it will follow and perform that task. It is available in the new version of iOS 14. The Siri which is working in iOS 13 has been upgraded with the new Siri.

In the case of iOS 13, the very first thing you need to do is open the Siri app and then start the interaction but with the latest version of iOS 14, Siri is located in the middle of the screen and it will start working once the tapping is done. No need to type the long paragraphs when you have to send the messages, the only thing you need to do is to send the audio messages to the contact you want to.

Latest Map update

The new iOS 14 has introduced bicycle maps. This feature is so trendy that you will get to know about the way you are going to travel ahead is sloppy, plain, or mountainous.

You can also get a perfect map when you have to walk a long distance. talking about the iOS 13, the map reviews was not that much good, and there was a necessity to improve it.

But the latest map update in iOS 14 has set a new benchmark for iPhone users.

Final Verdict

The battle between the iOS13 Vs iOS14 which one to choose has not finished yet. The customization as well as deleting the apps which you do not want further, adjustable widgets, and a lot more features have  differentiated both the operating systems.

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