Invoice Simple vs. Invoice2go vs. SIR Invoices: The ultimate Comparison review

For most businesses today, an invoice management system is a critical part of day-to-day efficiency.

That said, when looking for an invoice generator for your business, you may find yourself at crossroads given the many invoice and inventory management tools available today.

To save you the trouble, we’ll be putting three popular brands in the spotlight. Welcome to the Invoice Simple vs Invoice2go vs SIR Invoices comparison review! 


Invoice2go offers a free trial period, no credit card required, although Invoice2go limits it to 30 days. Invoice Simple is also similarly desirable because it offers free usage, but with a limited number of invoices, you can create.

With SIR Invoices coming out on top for offering both a free usage and a free trial that allows you to create invoices totally free. 

Let’s get into greater detail to find out how the pricing varies between the three:

Invoice Simple:  Invoice Simple has two plan options, both of which include unlimited invoices and estimates, and are cancellable at any time of the subscription process. The first option is a $6.99 a month plan.

The app also offers a more cost-effective annual subscription that totals this monthly payment to about $4.99 a month, which is billed to your business as a one-time annual payment. This yearly subscription plan costs $59.99

Invoice2go: Invoice2go includes three plan options for its users. The first is a starter plan which comes up to an annual fee of $59.99, and the second is the professional option which totals to just a cent shy of $100 a year. The final and most expensive option includes the premium subscription, which is priced at $399.99 a year 

With the Starter plan, you get 30 invoices, an online payment fee of 3.5%, website builder, and others. The features ramp up a bit with Professional where you get 100 invoices a year and lower payment fees of 3%. On the other hand, with the Premium Plan, there are unlimited invoices and 2.9% payment fees.

SIR Invoices: The lowest monthly package starts at $3.99 for SIR, and you can further upgrade this plan for an extra $2.99 to get an additional feature known as Inventory management. An annual package proves the more cost-effective solution, giving users great ROI with a $35.99 plan, which again can be upgraded with a top-up of $23.99 to include the exclusive Inventory management feature.

If you have a large business and would like to rope in additional users, SIR Invoices allows you to add your staff for an additional one-time, annual payment of $3.99.

Round Winner: Who wins this round?

On paper, SIR Invoices come out on top for having the most affordable plan fees. Its monthly subscription of $3.99 is three dollars lower than Invoice Simple’s plan, and also blows Invoice2go’s annual subscription out of the water.

Round Loser: Invoice2go is without a doubt the most expensive invoice management system on this list. Its $399.99 annual plan is by far the most extravagant herein, making it a difficult solution for small businesses that might want something more budget-friendly.


While Invoice2go, SIR invoices, and Invoice Simple have the same business goals and basic features, each of these apps has its exclusive qualities, as well as shortcomings. Let’s get into the details and separate the wheat from the chaff.

  1. Estimate Maker

All three apps offer an estimate-making system, and the data from this system can then be exported to draft a professional invoice.

  1. Invoice creation

All three apps offer professional invoice templates for their users, however, SIR invoices appeals in terms of simplicity of use and convenience. That could be because of the fact that it was created by a licensed CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

  1. Number of Invoices:

With Invoice2go’s Starter, Professional, and Premium plans, you can send 30, 100, and unlimited invoices a year, respectively.

Both SIR Invoices and Invoice Simple, on the other hand, offer unlimited invoice creation services, available on both the annual or monthly plan offered by each app.

  1. Invoice tracking

SIR Invoices allows your warehouse inventory management team to track invoices to determine if these have been read by your clients, and the same goes for Invoice2go. Invoice Simple also tracks late invoices to send payment reminders, just like the aforementioned two, and confirms invoice views as well.  

  1. Receipt creation

All three apps include a convenient and professional receipt maker, making bookkeeping easier for your small business.

  1. Stock tracking

For most small businesses, stock tracking is also an important part of invoice management, and this is where SIR Invoices stands out once more with its exclusive stock tracking feature. SIR goes the extra mile with its asset inventory management, by automating stock tracking to warn your business when a stock goes below a certain level. 

  1. Website creation

Invoice2go offers a unique feature that others on this list don’t have. That is the ability to create a website to showcase your reviews using information curated from your profile.

  1. Payment options

Invoice 2go, Invoice Simple & SIR all accept online invoice payments by PayPal, Credit Cards & Debit Cards. 

  1. Tax payment

With SIR, you can easily extract your financial reports, making it easier to file tax returns for your business. This is another feature unique to SIR Invoices only.

  1. Custom Logo Design

Invoice2go offers a unique logo design feature for users to create a business logo from scratch or update an existing one.

  1. Purchase order maker

Once more SIR Invoices leads the way by offering exclusive, complimentary mobile inventory management services in the way of a purchase order generator. This way, your business can hasten the delivery process from suppliers. 

  1. Payment vouchers maker

In addition, in SIR there’s also a payment vouchers generator, which includes supplier signatures as proof of payment. This feature also allows small businesses to keep tabs on any outstanding purchase order bills.

  1. Invoice Reminders

Both Invoice2go & SIR, allow sending invoice reminders to clients when payments are due. Although, SIR’s template looks professional and presentable.

  1. Thank You note

Another exclusive feature offered by SIR, to send inbuilt professionally designed thank you notes to your customers that keep them happy and coming back to you again and again.

Round Winner: While all three apps have standout qualities in their own rights, SIR Invoices is heads and shoulders above its alternatives, because of the crucial fact that it doubles up as inventory management software for small businesses. It offers many exclusive features, namely the purchase order maker, receipts/payment vouchers generator, and the automated stock tracking feature.

User Reviews

So what are users saying about these three invoice generators?

Invoice Simple, Invoice2go and SIR invoices are all huge brands with massive followings and excellent ratings across their individual app stores. Here’s what users are saying about each.

Invoice2go Reviews

  • A business using Invoice2go has praised professional invoice templates
  • Users have also commended the app’s reliability in the past
  • Users cite expensive subscription plans in exchange for poor ROI
  • The limited invoice generation of each plan is also a source of the complaint. 
  • Recent updates have caused glitchy app performance

Invoice Simple Reviews

  • Typically, users cite a significant learning curve.
  • A read receipt is praised as a popular feature.
  • Occasional technical downtimes can cause interference with business operations
  • Users are impressed with the image attachment feature for the invoice.
  • The invoice preview feature is also a hit
  • Online help channels generally take a long to respond or solve issues.

SIR Invoices Reviews

  • Business owners believe SIR Invoices offers all you’d want from invoice management software at unbeatable prices.
  • Developer response and problem-solving is timely
  • The invoice read notification feature is hugely popular.
  • Users also praise exclusive stocking tracking and purchase order features
  • Straight to the point UI which makes it great for non-technical users
  • Being an iPhone-only app is a downside, although an Android version is in development and launching soon.

And the Winner is…

Invoice Simple, Invoice2go and SIR Invoices are all great invoice generators worth their salts. However, today’s focus was on an app that provides great value to small business owners.

In that regard, SIR Invoices takes the crown with their all-around highly valuable functions. Not only does SIR offer invoice generation services but also stock tracking among other inventory management services, like purchase order creation and tracking.

Plus, the app has the most affordable plans on this list, ensuring valuable functionalities that offer unbeatable returns on investment.