Invisalign Is An Actual Treatment for an Overbite

It’s no secret that the way our teeth are aligned can have a huge effect on our faces. An overbite is one of the most common dental problems among adults and children, but it’s often overlooked and can be difficult to treat. Invisalign treatment could be your solution! Read more to learn about what you should know about an overbite and how this innovative treatment can help you get your smile back.

What is an Overbite

An overbite is a condition in which the upper front teeth are positioned forward of the lower front teeth. This can cause an uneven bite, difficulty chewing food, and pain due to excessive pressure on the jawbone.

How Invisalign can treat the overbite condition

Invisalign aligners are made up of clear plastic that fits snugly to your teeth without any metal wires or brackets. They work by slowly moving your teeth into their natural position until you achieve a comfortable bite with no more symptoms of an overbite, and the results with Invisalign before and after overbite will clearly be visible.

The progression of your treatment is unique to you. To get started, you’ll need a comprehensive exam and X-rays taken by a dentist to help understand the needs of your overbite and how best to correct it. Computer imaging technology is then used to make it possible for your Invisalign clear aligners to be custom-made for your teeth. This will ensure an accurate fit while also eliminating any discomfort due to ill-fitting trays.

During your initial assessment, you will be checked for other issues like:

  • Misalignment of the jaw and lower jaw (underbite)
  • Crossbites (when upper front teeth overlap lower front teeth)
  • Crowding (when all teeth do not have sufficient space to fit normally in the mouth)

If you have any of these problems, Invisalign may treat them at the same time as your overbite.

Other benefits of Invisalign

In addition to correcting a misaligned bite, there are many benefits of having an Invisalign clear brace treatment for a person with an overbite.

Most interestingly, you’ll get faster results. It only takes six to 12 months on average to complete treatment, compared to 18-24 months or more with traditional metal braces.

And since Invisalign is clear, no one will know you’re wearing braces. This is great news for children who are self-conscious about their appearance and adults who want increased discretion with their oral health Kids can enjoy improved self-esteem since they’ll be able to eat all the foods they love again.

Adults who are conscious about how their teeth look won’t have to worry about unsightly metal brackets or wires on their teeth You can take care of your oral hygiene easily at home without any complex tools required for cleaning. Many adults find that brushing and flossing is easier with Invisalign than it was with braces

Get Invisalign treatment and fix your dental issues today

If you’re struggling with an overbite, there’s no need to wait. You can start your treatment today by calling or emailing our office. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step so that you know what to expect during each stage of your personalized clear aligner treatment.

Jennifer Alex

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