Investing Made Easy: Building a Seamless Investor Experience


One of the most challenging parts of running real estate projects is generating capital to fund the project. Most professionals do not have access to such large funds and as such, have to develop relationships with external investors in order to see projects through to completion.

Developing relationships with investors can be incredibly difficult, especially when there is intense competition for funding, as most investors will receive countless pitches each day. This is why it’s critical to build a seamless investor experience, so you can stand out from the competition and receive more funding.

What are the Common Investment Roadblocks?

There are many potential roadblocks which can make it more difficult, or less attractive for an investor to put money into a real estate project. For investors, depending on their classification, a bad investment can mean bankruptcy, a huge loss of reputation and other professional consequences.

Considering these roadblocks will go a long way to ensuring you remain an attractive prospect. Here are some of the most common roadblocks from an investor’s point of view:

  • Not providing clear information and financials on potential projects. 
  • The project type doesn’t fit their profile, ie. offering rental investments but the investor only invests to sell. 
  • You lack a compelling portfolio of previous investments to show your track record. 
  • Your process for investing is long-winded and clunky, taking a long time to complete.

How to Build a Seamless Experience Based on These Roadblocks

Building a seamless experience in any context, whether that be for customers of a shop, or investors in a real estate project must be based on user-testing and feedback on user-experience. This is the only way to get a true reflection of what works and what doesn’t. Let’s look at this process in more detail below:

How to Identify Roadblocks with Your Investors

The best way to identify potential roadblocks that your investors face is to ask for feedback on your processes. If you want to get the most actionable feedback, then it’s important to not only ask the investors that have worked with you, but to also seek feedback from the investors who decided against working with you.

This way, you can identify what has stopped you from securing funding for your projects. This can be achieved through sending feedback surveys, or even simply emailing or calling the individual involved. Although, you should be prepared for some investors to not get back to you, particularly if they’ve chosen not to work with you. Once you’ve done this, you’ll know how to improve your investor experience.

Use Technological Solutions

One of the most effective tools for creating a seamless investor experience is real estate investor portal software. This is because it can remediate many of the roadblocks that investors face with real estate projects. An investor portal will have everything that your investors need to make quick and informed investment decisions and using one will also enhance your reputation among these investors.

Here are some of the main ways such software can help your real estate business, and you’ll find that they can solve the most common issues that investors face:

  • Create a repository for critical documents and investment information that your investors can retrieve at any time, ie. contracts, tax reports, property information and more. 
  • Make communication easier by allowing investors to make requests in-portal, allowing them to view chat history and get live updates on critical reports. 
  • High-level security features will keep your investors’ financial information safer online. 
  • Create new offerings for investment opportunities and allow investors to digitally sign any critical documents.

The Importance of Revisiting and Innovating

Once you’ve reached a point where you believe that you’ve addressed all of the pain points of your investors, you’ll be able to provide a great investment experience every time. Despite this, like anything in business, situations can change.

This is why it’s important to regularly check in with your investors so they can provide timely and critical feedback to help you continuously improve your investment processes. Doing this will also assist you with generating repeat investment as those giving feedback will understand how seriously you consider their experience with your project.


In the modern world of real estate investment, providing a convenient and thorough investor experience is critical to seeing success from your projects. The best way to make sure you create a seamless experience is to identify common problems faced by investors and bolster this knowledge by having discussions with the specific investors that you’re working with, so they can give you advice in the specific context of your projects.

Most identified roadblocks and issues can be resolved through the intelligent use of available tools such as the real estate investor portal software. Such tools can make communicating easier and provide a repository for information that is critical to investors while moving the deal process along much faster.