Investing in cryptocurrency in 2022

Earning on crypto assets is considered one of the riskiest. Always analyze the market carefully before investing. 

At the moment, there are quite a lot of cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. Therefore, there won’t be any problems with access to trading.

How to buy and where to store cryptocurrency

To buy, you need to transfer funds to the seller’s account – you transfer money to your deposit and from it you make a purchase (like in the store).

Storage can be done in three ways:

  • In hardware wallets (also called cold wallets).
  • In special online wallets (but it’s better to log in to your account from a separate device, where you can be sure there will be no viruses). Some of the online wallets: Lobstr, Stellar Wallet, StellarX, StellarTerm, Solar Wallet, Litemint, and others.
  • On the deposit at the exchange (this is more convenient if you actively trade on the exchange + assets will be protected by exchange security, which is more effective than the private protection of your computer or laptop).

TOP 3 the most frequent fraud schemes

First of all, I want to warn you that with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, fraud has increased. Here are some of the types:

Buying “for nothing”

You look for where to buy cryptocurrency, pay for the purchase, and end up with no money in any sense (and this is one of the most common complaints).

In 90% of cases, under the guise of selling crypto assets, crypto is appropriated by some private, non-certified offices. Many of them foster bought reviews, so you can literally be left without pants until you find a really reliable seller.

Conclusion! You should only buy cryptocurrency from a reliable, certified company.

Investing in “kitchens”

You should not work with intermediary brokers. The broker drew something, tweaked something somewhere – in essence, you are not trading, but playing roulette. Rumor has it that if you earn a little money they won’t touch you, but if your income grows, you will draw close attention to yourself.

Conclusion! It is better to invest in cryptocurrency on world exchanges.


Here, people are too lazy to even depict the activity – you just transfer the money to the account and say goodbye to them. From there they will either bullshit you about “replenish the account to withdraw the deposit” or simply tell you that you “lost” everything. Most often, after receiving funds, they just stop responding.

Which cryptocurrency to invest in

Invest in something that has real value 

Ask yourself, what is behind this asset?

Bitcoins and Altcoins have their own practical value – they are “chains of code” that are used for specific purposes.

  • If there is a specific purpose behind the currency, it will be used and therefore its value will grow.
  • If it’s an image move, a branded advertisement – short-lived, the rise will turn into a quick fall.

Evaluate the team

Who are the people behind the creation of the currency? Successful entrepreneurs, programmers? If they are figures with reputation, knowledge and status, by investing in their assets, you are joining a successful team.

It is not worth investing in a project created by “nobody knows” – it is the same as supporting a nameless startup with money. The chance of successful investment in such a case will be no more than 1% – 5%.

Do a basic analysis of the situation

Even the giants of the cryptocurrency world have ups and downs. Once you’ve chosen an asset, don’t enter into a trade right away – basic technical/stock analysis skills are necessary for any investor. Apply them in this case, too.


Diversification is not just about “spreading your money” across stocks, crypto assets, currencies, metals or indices.

There should also be diversification within each category. It is optimal to choose 3 – 5 cryptocurrencies on which you plan to earn.

Is it possible to “print” an asset

Why do many people want to invest in bitcoin? Because it is finite. It’s physically impossible to “print” more.

So this currency is more likely to grow in value like any limited quantity product.

If crypto can be released in unlimited quantities, believe me, that’s exactly what will happen – and its price will regularly go down.

Which currency to invest in in 2022

According to many financial experts, the leaders are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ether (ETH)
  • Neo (NEO)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Tron (TRX)

Bitcoin is advised to allocate at least 50% of the capital allocated to cryptocurrency investments

How meaningful is it to invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin remains the most popular crypto asset. But no one can predict if and when another surge will happen.

That’s why we don’t recommend buying bitcoin at random in the hope of a huge rise. But it is quite reasonable to use the basic skills of stock/technical analysis and partially invest in bitcoin.

Successful and unsuccessful ways to get bitcoin

Let’s say you don’t want to be a trader, but you specifically want to invest in cryptocurrency and own a crypto asset.

  • Mining. Expensive and as of the end of 2021, no longer profitable. The real giants have entered the game, mining farms are in operation all over the world. The payback of private mining is zero (or even negative). It is possible to join such a farm, but there is a high risk to run into scammers, and it is easier to buy a piece of bitcoin.
  • Receive as payment. There are so-called “taps”, exchanges where you can get paid in bitcoins or other crypto. This sounds promising – in fact, having analyzed more than 20 largest services, you can find out that your average earnings will be $1 or $2 per hour.
  • Buy. The easiest and most rational option. Especially with a competent choice of seller. We do not advise you to buy crypto from private individuals. Moreover, you won’t face storage problems in the process of buying from a reputable seller.

Michael Caine

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