At the box office, the first picture was a financial victory. Although the film was not well received by film critics, who compared it with Indiana Jones and the Da Vinci Code, it received a warm welcome from the public and has since become a cult classic. The second film received less positive reviews than the first film, and critics praised it for using similar layering techniques, rationality and rhythm. This photo was well received by movie fans and brought a lot of box office revenue to The Walt Disney Company. There was a period of official rumors that National Treasure 3 would not happen. If you still search for this on Google, you will find that the headlines indicate that National Treasure 3is nothing more than a rumor and it will not happen. It is incredible that we used to believe such news so much, and many of us were disappointed by what we heard. However, it is never too late to update the plan. The National Treasure made its debut in 2004. The film was a significant milestone in Jon Turteltaub’s profession since his directing was distinctive at the time.  The film “Robots” was written by Jim Kouf with the aid of the Wibberleys. It was released in November 2004.When first released on the big screen, people and reviewers gave the movie a mixed review, but in the end it became a big hit. The film was immediately renewed and the producers decided to develop a new sequel that is based on the plot, called National Treasure: Book of Secrets.  The filmmakers took three years to create the next installment of the series, and when it ended, we began to hope for more.  There have been fans who demand a National Treasure sequel for 17 years. In this article, we’ll discuss National Treasure 3 and how cinematic have evolved over time. Previously, the creators teased the audience with various interviews about the third part of the film, and it looks like National Treasure 3 will be released sometime in the future. If anyone continues to Google Treasure of the Nation 3, they will find thousands of stories claiming that the movie is officially canceled and that it has no chance of a sequel. National Treasure 3 was officially confirmed earlier this year. The third installment of the hit adventure movie returns on the series, and fans are thrilled. We were all anticipating the series to be popular. After so many years, you may now feel completely comfortable knowing what will happen in the upcoming series and how everything will play out. The sequel to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been officially announced. National Treasure 3 was only recently announced, and no formal release date has been determined. However, the filmmakers have officially begun filming the picture later this year, so if the film is done before the end of the year, we may be able to see it soon. National Treasure 3 is anticipated to be released in 2022 by Disney.