Introducing you to the CPP Film Manufacturer in India

Cast Polypropylene (CPP) firms are polypropylene films manufactured to offer high-performance packaging bag material, great appearance, and other applications. Various types of PP polymer are used in producing CPP films. It is produced from different types of PP polymers. It comes in a single layer and multi-layer options which is useful to several industries in packaging. They are used in pharmaceutical, textile, food, and several other popular industries. CPP films are soft films similar to polyethylene and have better barrier properties. They are thermally or ultrasonically sealed without the use of any special coatings.

We manufacture three types of CPP films- Transparent CPP film, Metallized CPP film, and White Opaque CPP film. These films provide heat resistance, puncture resistance, and thermal stability. In this blog, we will introduce you to a few characteristics and applications of CPP films.

A few core characteristics of CPP films are:

  • Strong seal strength
  • Highly glossy and clear
  • Good strength to survive in the heat
  • Good anchoring of inks on the packaging surface
  • Oil- and grease-resistant
  • Puncture- and tear-resistant
  • Water- and Moisture-resistant
  • Corrosive chemical resistant
  • Low static properties
  • Lightweight

A few advantages of CPP films are:

  • It is leading in packaging products as compared to other films.
  •  It is not affected by the coefficient of friction (CoF) control.
  • It is heat resistant and has good integrity at high temperatures.
  • It is rigid and stiffer than polypropylene.
  • It has good WVTR barrier resistance
  • It is available in a variety of colors and attractive patterns. 
  • It is considered a most attractive packaging material as compared to others.
  • It is glossier and transparent than any other packaging material.
  • It’s directly printable on single-layer CPP film.
  • It is easy to handle and open.
  • It has high transparency and good visibility of the products.
  • It protects the goods during transport and storage.

Types of CPP films:

  1. Transparent CPP film: It is a co-extruded film. It’s one side is treated in cast polypropylene film, and the other side heat sealable. It has the same characteristics and advantages discussed above. These films are gaining popularity in flexible and customized packaging. It is used for lamination and conversion purposes in confectionery, snacks, detergent, soap, and other similar industries.
  2. Metalized CPP film: It is a polymer film covered with a thin layer of aluminum metal. Its surface has a glossy metallic appearance of an aluminum foil. It is commonly used for decorative purposes in bakery or food packaging as they have great sparkles. It is also used in electronics and insulation applications.
  3. White Opaque CPP film: It provides excellent opacity, heat seal strength, and stiffness. It is used for lamination, conversion, and packing purposes in biscuits, candies, corn flakes, or other snacks industries.

Applications of CPP films:

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries CPP film for the packaging of medicine and drugs. It can protect drugs from chemical combinations. Applications in other industries include multi-layer lamination, re-closable pouches, twist wrap, and side-weld seal bags.

Few common applications are listed below:

  • Confectionery packaging/food wrap
  • Garment bags
  • Stationery packaging
  • Floral wrap
  • Deep freeze packaging
  • Lamination
  • Conversion
  • Printing
  • Vacuum metallization

Hence, CPP film is the most demanding and dominating film in the Indian market and Technovaa Plastic Industries is the leading CPP Film manufacturer. We are continuously integrating innovation with new processing skills to manufacture trending CPP film products for all demanding packaging applications. Our packaging products guarantee you the safety and freshness of your goods as well as providing the convenience of opening to the consumers. Visit for more Information of CPP film manufacturer.

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