Introducing the Enfejar game

The Enfejar game can be introduced as one of the most essential and original games in the online gaming industry, which has taken a special place on online game websites in recent years. Today, the online gaming industry has become one of the most profitable industries in the world, so Microsoft has invested 100 billion dollars in this industry to expand its scope of activity. However, what was the reason for the success of the Enfejar game in this industry, and which factors have caused this Iranian game to be considered the chosen Iranian game in these years? Together we are going to take a look at this game and evaluate it from different aspects.

Today many websites provide Enfejar بازی انفجار  to users, and they can find the best provider of this game through a simple Google search. On the other hand, the increasing expansion of this game has caused the providers of this game to offer facilities so that users can download it and follow it through it. In fact, downloading the Enfejar game was one of the main factors that caused this game to become famous and popular among online game lovers. Nowadays, new versions of this game have been launched, and the free Enfejar game is also available to lovers of this game. We take a close look at this game and evaluate it from different points of view.

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What is the Enfejar game?

In the last three years, Enfejar has been introduced as the best and most popular online game in Iran, and this caused us to take a close look at this game. The Enfejar is a math-based game that generates a set of numbers based on mathematical and statistical algorithms, and players in this game must finish the game before the number generator algorithm stops. Basically, this game can be considered a guessing and statistics game, where the player must guess what the next number of the game will be based on the previous results.

Download the Enfejar game

Nowadays, the ability to download online games is one factor that guarantees games’ success. Due to the number of its followers increasing daily, the Enfejar game has made this feature possible for players who follow through with Android-based mobile phones. In order to be able to do this, players must first choose a website that offers this popular game and then download the APK file by rolling it down to the downloads section. On some websites that provide this game, the IOS version is also provided, which is much rarer than Android and is difficult to find.

Free Enfejar game

Since this exciting game can bring new players to the websites, some of these providers try to offer different versions of it to their users. One of the most popular versions of this game, which was not available to users before, is its free version, which has become very popular due to its training nature. In this version, players have the possibility to get familiar with the immediate environment of the game and somehow gain enough experience by doing it. The various types of games offered in this game have increased players’ choices compared to the past, and they can choose the best option today.

Enfejar game on the phone

Users can use two different methods to follow this game through their smartphones. First, players can follow this game by downloading the app provided by the website, but if the host website does not provide an application, users must use the mobile version of the website to play the game. The mobile version presented on the website is set to be compatible with your phone screen, and you can easily follow the game.


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