Introducing Newborn Sleeping Pod in Bamboo Fabric

Sleeping plays a vital role in the overall health of the babies. Babies need to get good rest and sleep because only then they will be active. Even though feeding is important, making the baby rest and sleep is equally important here!

When it comes to baby care, the first and most important thing that we look for is to introduce only comfortable, good, and healthy things in their day-to-day lifestyle. For example, even though we know garments are fancy and unique, most of us go with cotton since they are skin-friendly and environmentally friendly too. Along with cotton, a new trend has evolved in the clothing industry. It is nothing but bamboo clothing.

Benefits of Bamboo Clothing:

Long Lasting
Rich in Durability
Eco Friendly and BioDegradable
Free from Odour
Anti-Bacterial in Nature
Anti-Fungal too
Suits all skin types; Even Sensitive Skin
Easy to Use
Comfy and Breathable too!

Bamboo Clothing from Cocoon:

Wondering where you can get comfortable and super soft clothing for the little newborns in our home? Cocoon care is one best places for you to grab on. The fabrics that have been used in them are nothing but bamboo, muslin, and knit, which are way more comfortable and friendly for the baby’s skin.
They have a wide range of collections for sleeping, clothing, feeding, and the list goes on! One among their category, which is unique and most moms love, is the Sleeping Pad. They are designed especially for newborn babies up to 3 and 5 months old

Cocoon Sleeping Pod – Everything You Need to Know:

It covers the baby from top to bottom and helps in keeping their body temperature neutral, neither too warm nor too hot. They have 3 different colour variations green, pink, and blue, which attract babies too much. The benefits of choosing the sleeping pod are that they are softer and way more comfortable for infants. Many kids have sensitive skin types. In that case, using this material is way more comfortable for them.

Benefits of Cocoon Infant Sleeping Pods:

Covers the whole infant’s body – Perfect for all climatic conditions

Babies get comfort while stretching their body

Has Zippers which are way more comfortable for them; Also the two way zipper is way more convenient for mommies too!

Stretchable in nature – This means babies are not restricted in the pods, they can stretch and feel comfortable.

There are two types of pods available, where one is the sleeping pod and the other is the transition pod. If you are confused about choosing one, here is one simple tip that can rescue you:

If the baby’s weight is around 6 kg and below, then sleeping pods are the best option

When the baby is about 6 Kg, then you can choose the transition pod. This is the best choice when your kid rolls over or tries to move on in later stages.

Try and your babies will love and get a good, comfortable kind of sleep!