Introducing Energy Literacy in the World of Energy

Energy growth, electricity, and the products made from oil derivatives, such as those manufactured from crude oil and the fuels to power ships, planes, militaries, and space programs, are directly linked to prosperity and well-being across the globe. The key challenge is meeting the growing demand for energy in an environment friendly and safe manner. Energy supplies are crucial to economic growth in both developed and developing countries to power businesses and homes, connect communities across boundaries, provide safe water, move commodities, and ultimately promote human and economic development. 

The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects that the world energy consumption of crude oil, coal, natural gas, electricity from renewables, and nuclear will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040

With the increasing demands for electricity and the products made from oil derivatives, such as  those manufactured from crude oil and the fuels to power ships, planes, militaries, and space programs continue to grow, deployment of renewable electricity from wind turbines and solar panels requires a measurable increase. The contemporary world’s electricity gap can only be improved by collective efforts to enhance its efficiency. For the same reason, from 2020, access to electricity and the products from fossil fuels has now been considered a central point for the development of any society. 

Ronald Stein, an engineer, and energy consultant, with the same incentive, has explored the entire energy sector. This mind of an inventor was born on April 29, 1941. Being a true energy agnostic, he diversified himself into studying different energy resources. 

Later in his life, he, and his companion June Stein, founded Principal Technical Services (PTS) in 1995. It was designed to meet the needs for staffing gaps in the energy markets. The company strategized by appointing specialized talent to augment key roles in its clients’ organizations. Being a project manager in the industry, Ronald always knew that success relied upon attracting and retaining great candidates with a full compensation package, including medical benefits and PTO. This approach was not common for typical engineering staffing services in the 90s. Ronald made his PTS team competent enough to deliver best-in-class service to candidates and clients as a premier contingent workforce management partner for the California Energy and Infrastructure market. 

He is still expanding PTS, which is now known as PTS Advance. Through his restless efforts, the company is building on its past successes and upgrading the quality of services they offer to a nationwide list of candidates and clients in the Energy, Infrastructure, and Life Sciences industries. 

Being an all-rounder, Ronald has imparted his share of knowledge and research through his books, co-authored with Todd Royal. His recent books on energy literacy include:

Energy Made Easy: Helping Citizens become Energy Literate (2019)

Just GREEN Electricity – Helping Citizens Understand a World without Fossil Fuels (2020)

Clean Energy Exploitations – Helping citizens understand the environmental and human abuses that support “clean” energy (2021), a Pulitzer Prize-nominated book in the General Nonfiction category.

All these books contain different aspects of energy and economics. Ronald is also an internationally published columnist, energy consultant, and advisor on energy literacy for The Heartland Institute, The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and National TV Commentator – Energy and Infrastructure with Rick Amato. His services do not end here; he has also become the private business spokesperson for the energy and infrastructure industries to impart his knowledge. 

Through his more than 300 published Op-Ed articles, he educates citizens on what and why the energy infrastructures are the primary setups that possess the power to drive the world’s economy. His work continues to impress people all over the world, and many people with the same interest look up to him for setting more examples for the future.