Introducing Dr. Katarzyna Tesmer, MD

Dr. Katarzyna Tesmer is an award-winning Aesthetic Medicine Specialist and Board-certified Neonatologist with over 37 years of experience. She is the owner and Medical Director of Visage Laser & Skin Care Center in Anaheim, CA, one of the nation’s most reputable laser & skincare clinics.

Dr. Tesmer was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated from the Medical School of Gdansk and interned at Mlava Hospital in Poland. In the late 1980s, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Poland was going through an economic depression. During that turbulent period, Dr. Tesmer’s career possibilities were minimal. As a young activist, she also faced constant political persecution. She decided to escape her country with her husband and two kids in 1986. They sought asylum in Italy, where they stayed in a refugee camp for six long months.


On January 9th, 1987, Dr. Tesmer moved to the US, where she led a better life, supported her family, and pursued her dreams of treating young children suffering from illnesses. She completed her Neonatology Fellowship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and LA County-University of Southern California (USC) and completed her Pediatrics Residency at White Memorial Medical Center in East LA. She started her practice at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, where she now serves as the senior partner.


Her incredible work ethic and phenomenal pediatric abilities led her to establish an unparalleled career in the US. Furthermore, her unique ability to deal with life-threatening medical emergencies allowed her to save countless precious babies. “A few years ago, I had the tiniest baby that I was saving. The baby was weighing 460 grams. So that’s less than a pound. And the same week, I worked on the oldest patient, who was 92 years old and getting her ready for her birthday,” she remembers.


At Visage Laser & Skin Care Center where Dr. Tesmer pushes the limits of the most advanced treatments on the market. She uses non-invasive, FDA-approved techniques to rejuvenate the skin producing miraculous results. Some of the services offered include a laser rejuvenation therapy called Titan that lifts jowls, neck, cheeks, and forehead without surgery or downtime. Ultherapy is another groundbreaking procedure that uses ultrasound heat to lift and tighten the skin naturally. Her mission is to find the most innovative ways to help her patients maintain healthy skin and reach their aesthetic goals. Other services include Endermologie, truSculpt, a facial program, and treatments.


Dr. Tesmer has combined her intensive care background to create what she calls “intensive skin care”. “If I can save a failing heart of a baby, surely, I can save your skin”. Her mentors were the internationally renowned Dr. Eliot Battle Jr. and Dr. Mauricio de Maio. 


Dr. Tesmer’s inspiring story of an immigrant family fleeing political oppression and succeeding against all odds to make a positive difference reminds us of the principles which America was founded upon. Every January 9th, Dr. Tesmer and her family open a champagne bottle and celebrate the day they came to the US.


Among her numerous positions, Dr. Tesmer currently serves as the Medical Director for (NICU) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Orange County Global Medical Center. She is the Senior Partner at CHOC-PSF, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics (OCGMC), member of the Medical Executive Committee (OCGMC), Board of Director member for the March of Dimes in Orange County, and the Secretary of Children’s Medical Care Foundation, an international organization, supporting Eastern European neonatology.


For more on Dr. Tesmer, visit: Follow on Instagram: @visageskin


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