Introducing 8 principles and tips of interior decoration for the basic design of your home!

What principles should I follow in my home design? What important points do interior designers use in home decoration? What principles have been observed in the decor of stylish and beautiful houses? …

Surely, like me, the above questions have been created in your mind many times and you are looking for a suitable answer to them. In fact, the concern of how to have a house with beautiful and principled decoration has made us all curious to know what principles and tips interior designers use in their work.

Therefore, in this article, I have decided to answer these questions, to introduce to you the 8 important principles and tips of interior decoration that professional decorators use to design their homes so that you can design your house stylishly and like them. Using furniture and timber products such as wall shelves, wooden plant stands & pots can make the living room pleasant without putting so much effort to buy luxury products.

What important principles and points should we use in the interior decoration of our house?
1. Before you know anything, get acquainted with the main elements of interior decoration!
Space, line, shape, light, color, texture and pattern are the main elements of interior design, each of which has a great impact on the effect of the part you want to decorate. Therefore, in the following, I will briefly introduce these elements to you dear ones so that you become more familiar with them:

– Space: This element is the part where you arrange the furniture. Note that the part where no device is located is called negative space and the part where the device is placed is called positive space. You can fill the empty spaces with a flower or plant shelf

– Line: The line creates the shape and in interior design is divided into three categories: horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

Shape: As I mentioned above, a shape is a combination of several different lines and is classified into two types, geometric and organic.

Light: This element, whether natural or unnatural, is necessary to make any other element in the decoration look better and more beautiful, and you must use it properly.

– Color: Colors are one of the most important factors affecting the beauty of any space.

Texture: You need to know how a surface is seen and touched, called texture. In fact, this element gives the interior charm and depth and is divided into two categories of visual and real texture. For example, in the interior design of the bedroom below, stone texture has been used in its walls.

Stylish and simple bedroom interior design and decoration in which stone texture is used as an accent wall.

– Pattern: Pattern is one of the other elements that, along with colors, give a beautiful effect to your kantan decoration.

Bedroom interior decoration with black wallpaper and metal bed with canopy with pineapple patterns on the wall

2. Do not forget to use the focal point in the interior design of your home!
Interior Decoration Tips: Do not forget to use the focal point in the interior design of your home!

According to interior designers, all the tools and components that you use in the decoration of a section, should not be of equal importance so as not to create a uniform and boring environment. Therefore, you should choose a section as the focal point and arrange the rest of the equipment around it in such a way that it attracts the attention of each person first.

Tip 1: Naturally, a fireplace or a window with a beautiful view are a good option for the focal point in the interior. But if the space you are considering does not have these two elements, it is better to choose the TV in the living room and the bed in the bedroom as the focal point.

Tip 2: As you can see in the pictures below, you should arrange the other furniture and furniture in such a way that the focal point is in their central axis.

Luxurious and chic living room decoration with a focal point in the center axis of Chesterfield sofas and table lampshades

Interior design of a stylish bedroom with an accent wall of wallpaper whose fabric double bed is placed in the center axis of the room

Tip 3: To give more emphasis to the focal point, use beautiful and attractive colors, textures and patterns around it to attract attention well. For example, like the modern living room below, you can use a different and special color or texture to design the wall behind the TV.

Modern and small living room interior decoration, which is painted black on the wall behind the TV to emphasize its focal point.

3. Keep the balance in choosing and arranging the interior of your home!
Interior decoration tips: Keep a balance in choosing and arranging the interior of your home!

Balance is one of the requirements of interior design that makes it easy and hassle-free for us to understand environmental information so that we can feel relaxed in it. So in the next step, you have to balance the arrangement of furniture and the choice of color, texture and shape with one of the three methods that I have introduced below:

– Creating a symmetrical balance:
Creating a symmetrical balance in space is very easy, which we often see in formal and classic environments. To do this, you must consider the focal point as the axis of symmetry and, like the living room below, place the items in exactly the same size, shape, texture and color on both sides of that axis. There are many products that can make a room look better such as a tiered plant stand.

Classic and luxurious living room interior decoration with cream sofas, walls and curtains in which a symmetrical balance is created

Note that symmetrical balance is very suitable for people who love discipline. But if you are not one of these people, this kind of balance will become boring for you over time and it will lose its attractiveness.